There was no more sound from my local radio station so I reckon they went out and came back late. I didn’t hear another squeak all night. Only some gentle snoring which I’m quite used to.

I turned off the alarm before it went off so we were out in good time without hopefully waking the entire camping. There was a VW SUV parked in an unusual position near the car park but nothing else so we saw no one as we walked the rocks the first time. Isabella investigated some of the remaining vehicles on the beach road but I brought her bark when I heard some defensive barking from one of the inmates. Otherwise, the walk to Azzuro and Plakaki was just warm and dark.

There was a man with two women on the beach when we returned from the second promontory visit but only Sasha seemed interested to begin with and then Obi introduced himself. He has a routine and knows how to push buttons. I exercised my brain when i came back with Sasha and Isabella then went for a swim from Grammeno Beach; the first in a long time. I swam out to the island by the Small Beach, a little further then back. The sea was calm but I didn’t hurry so it took around forty-five minutes. When i came back to the dogs only Isabella and Sasha were out so I cleared up some of the wreckage created by Sasha and Isabella. Chewed up foam from the van seats, expanded polystyrene, stick, wood and so on. It’s in bags by the gate waiting to be disposed of. I then had a shower to get rid of the dust and the salt.

I had an online chat with Francesco about testing his motor battery tomorrow. We’ve acquired a stainless steel tank from Manolis. He uses it to test his outboard so it should be fine for the smaller one. We put it at the back of the pitch and I suggested he fill it early in the morning when there are no busybodies around to comment.

The hot water boiler in the laundry room decided to take more time out so I spent a few minutes persuading it to function properly. It still appears to be working and will probably continue unless I put the cover back on.

I spent much of the day fiddling with the booking website with renewed enthusiasm now that Maria has exhibited some interest in considering an online solution. I felt that I should be deft at using it if I’m to demonstrate it should the opportunity arise.

There was a little wind mid-morning but the day turned out fine and warm so good beach weather for the punters and comfortable for me and the doggies. Other than to pick up some invoices from the office, I’ve not moved around much.

Not as warm as yesterday but comfortable sitting in front of the fan.

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