Crazy Day

I was nicely asleep in my boudoir when suddenly awakened due to barking dogs. Namely, Fido and Luis. Luis is happy to join in with anyone and Fido was barking due to a firework display which included plenty of bangs. Luckily, Fido doesn’t live in Ukraine or he’d never stop barking. Other dogs were barking around the camping but the display ended reasonably quickly so that we could all go back to sleep.

The morning was warm and still with a diminishing amount of moonlight. I used my shirt for swatting mosquitoes as we progressed around our diurnal course. There was a cooling breeze as we walked up to Plakaki which made a refreshing change. Most of the dogs made it to Plakaki as only Luis was a little behind. He’s not really well adapted to walking when it’s hot or walking with Isabella although she seems, for the time being, to have lessened her propensity to try to eat him. This must, from Luis’ point of view, be a bonus.

There was no one about and even fewer vans and cars bordering the beach. We completed the second walk then back to the camping and out again with the girlies. Isabella insisted on her ball so I threw it into the sea having lost it temporarily in CBV car park as it had a little hop over the fence. With the assistance of a cane and the ball-thrower, I was able to retrieve the ball without having to walk into the grounds.

There was no one on the Promontory so we were back at the camping quite quickly and I was on my way over the mountain with a stop only for bread. I received a call from Maria telling me the guy from across the road would be coming round as he wanted to see if there was anything in our CCTV as there was an incident on their property a couple of days earlier. I said I’d look but soon discovered the HDD in the NVR (Network Video Recorder) had died. I tried to replace the disk but all of the disks I tried didn’t work. The NVR doesn’t seem to work if there’s no disk and I suspect it’s probably dead anyway.

The boiler was also not working so I restarted that a couple of times to get hot water for the showers and the kitchen. Francesco was testing his outboard motor in the tank we obtained from Manolis so I dropped off a meter so he could read the voltage. I tried to get the NVR to work and then went to Maria to give her the good news about the boiler and the CCTV.

The heating engineers arrived later and told me the boiler needed a service. Nothing I didn’t already know as it was installed two years ago and has given pain ever since. The service team comes from Thessalonika where is the main importer of the product!

I helped Francesco clean and fold up his boat which we achieved on my decking and would have been otherwise very complicated at his pitch. The boat being partially deflated to get into Manolis’ pickup didn’t make it any easier. All packed up and ready to go as they leave tomorrow to catch the ferry from Souda to the mainland and then home to Italy. The dogs were mildly interested when Francesco came in but soon disapeared as it was hot and they thought we were stupid to be working out in the sun. We were but it needed to be done.

I’ve just told Georgia it’s going to cost 500€ to replace the CCTV recorder and she needs to get a genuine toner for the printer to avoid further problems and provide a speedy resolution. I can acquire some ’reset chips’ from China for the other two tomers.

It felt very hot today and I was moving around quite a bit in the sunshine. It was pleasant in the laundry room with the air con and in the reception too. I lingered in both places…


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