A Change in the Weather

I’d forgotten to charge my watch; it was on the cradle all night so I was awakened by my phone which required looking at to get it to stop. All this hi-tech activity first thing in the morning!

It was a lot cooler so I was half-wearing my T-shirt over my back and shoulders. There were no cars in the car park nor tents on The Promontory. There were still a few vans and even a tent or two along the beach ‘road’ otherwise just the navigation lights of a fishing boat running parallel to the beach and some in the distance taking in their nets. It was tranquil but uneventful. After the normal walk, the boys were put back in the van and I took the ball-thrower and a couple of dogs for an invigorating walk. It was somewhat cooler so the pace quickened however Isabella’s desire to chase the ball was limited.

I jumped on my bike to ride to Paleochora over the mountain but decided to go via the main drive for a change. There was a 4×4 with a caravan waiting at the barrier with Manos chatting to the occupants. I called Maria, who was nearby in her room. She firmly told me the reception opens around eight and she was sticking to it. What I did with the punters was my affair. I let them in, installed them in Bay 3 then shut the barrier. Maria had emerged so asked if I might stay for a few minutes whilst she went to the bar for some coffee. I played with the Chromebook in her absence as I wanted to install the spreadsheets so that she could see them. My plan was to do the same on her computer when she changed over with Litsa later. She forgot all about me but then so did I, so it mattered little she took so long. I then departed somewhat later than usual to do the mountain, tobacconist, bakery and supermarket. I bought two pouches of tobacco at the periptero plus some filters, a black loaf at the bakers and some DDs at Petrakis. The tobacco was for one of the customers as the mini-market no longer sells tobacco products. I rode back to deliver the bits to Maria and pick up the box of biscuits kindly donated by the nice man with the dodgy laptop. They contain so much sugar that I almost felt my pancreas throb in anticipation of the deluge of insulin required for their digestion. I’ll ration them out over several days to avoid premature death.

Naturally, the dogs were overjoyed at my return; I let them out so they could wait until I’d completed a couple of other tasks before feeding them.

The remainder of the morning was taken up with the latest selection of supplier invoices then a wander up to the office to purloin Maria’s laptop. At it happened, Maria was having a touch of the vapours so Litsa was already at her post waiting for Maria to actually go to her room to continue her decline. I used Maria’s absence to install stuff on her laptop in the hope she might see some of the incoming accommodation enquires in a timely manner. As it is, I’ve taken to replying to any asking to bring their tent without recourse to Maria as I know there is plenty of tent space and likely to be even more given the grey sky and cool wind.

At this moment, there is more wind coming from the fan than the sea as the weather decides what to do. There is the 75% possibility of a storm in the night according to the forecast. There are a few raindrops falling on the metal roof and I can see an approaching storm front so I may need to prepare for the possibility of some vertical moisture.

A cooler start with a warm day which clouded over in the afternoon. Thunderstorms are forecast for tonight so I should bring in some of the stuff which has been outside for the past two months or more.
A thunderstorm to the west heading our way but may fizzle out before it gets here.


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