New Loo

I don’t think I bled on my clean sheet but it was really only a graze. The most annoying thing I discovered once on my feet was that my big toe was hurting as the result of contact with the tarmac yesterday.

We left but progress was limited due to my poor sore toe. After a while, I was too bound up in my thoughts to worry anymore about it so it might have quickened a little. Like most of these things it’s a matter of ignoring the discomfort until it goes.

The moon was about but I didn’t notice Venus. There was a car but we didn’t find any FreeLoaders and about the same amount of vans and tents dotted the beach road. The shingle seemed more dense but we were soon at Plakaki. Only a single fishing boat ran along parallel to the beach. We did biscuits then set off for the Promontory. Obi reappeared having absented himself on some important mission elsewhere. Luis still finds it too warm but is making quicker progress than when it was much hotter.

We completed the second round. Isabella did an excellent job of annoying all of the others one after the other. Once Sasha gets bigger she’ll need to mind her manners but I needed to remind her to be thoughtful on several occasions. We tucked up the boys then went out again. I picked up the debris scattered around one of the bins and we progressed. I only used the thrower once when we were chatting to a Serbian woman with a Setter. A lovely little dogs she’d rescued several months previously. We agreed about most aspects of dog husbandry including the need to neuter and encourage potential dog owners to take from the pound before shelling out to breeders. She will be staying several more days at the camping so we may meet again.

I went on my bike to the top of the mountain and then to the bakers via my standard route. Maria wanted me to pick up some papers from Manolis at EKO but didn’t manage to tell me. Anatoli was as busy as ever. The ride back was pleasant and uneventful.

I popped in to see Maria to find both POS machines were working correctly so I moved them back to be more easily accessible to the customers and also Maria. Some people even need to remember and enter a PIN! How quaint! I hung around a while so that Maria could go to the loo and then the bar to get a coffee refill. It’s not so easy for her now that Litsa has gone back home as she would relieve Maria periodically and deal with the telephone whilst Maria tended to the customers.

I released the dogs but fed them later as I had other tasks to perform. These included priming the Nature’s Head composting toilet with its first batch of coconut coir. The bricks consist of desiccated and compressed coconut coir which has to be expanded by adding hot or cold water. One brick turns into quite a lot of volume once expanded. The loo now has everything working although the fan is on a battery as I couldn’t find a convenient charger. I imagine the battery will keep the fan going for a reasonable time. I didn’t need to use the new facility until the evening but am pleased to report that it is perfectly comfortable and performs very satisfactorily. Due to accurate aim, there was no need for any post-event restoration and I had lots of fun turning the wheel which churns it all up to start the composting process. We’ll see how often I have to empty it.

Maria reported that both of the POS machines are now working but a technician came today to check one of the machines anyway. He probably enjoyed the drive. Georgia was in the reception when I went up there as Litsa is at home in Chania.

I had some IT tasks to complete for EG and Simon but I found time to order a hard hat seeing as falling off my bike seems to be habit-forming.

A French family have one of the rental tents close by. I feel they might find it a little disappointing if they’re expecting something similar to what they’d get in France.

Some happy boys are playing nearby and music is wafting up from the bar.

There were a few drops earlier and a storm front was approaching but has passed on by. The forecast predicts a 75% possibility of a little rain tomorrow and Saturday around midday.

A cool start with a sunny day but some clouds and drop of rain later.

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