Following dire warnings of flood and pestilence, there were a few raindrops, some distant thunderclaps and that was it!

We woke, quite early, to a fine but cool morning definitely deserving of a t-shirt full time. Our walks were uneventful but enjoyable, the second being extended back to Plakaki with the Serbian woman and her setter. It transpired that she is vegan so we had interesting discussions about food and nutrition. When she discovered she was pregnant her doctor told her to eat some fish and hard cheese, something she doesn’t particularly like. I suggested that her doctor might not have been taught much about nutrition at medical school so may not have had an animal-free alternative. Her friend, who is vegan for nearly fifteen years, continued her usual diet during pregnancy however consulted a vegan doctor who suggested enhancing some aspects of her chosen diet. As expected, her pregnancy went without a hitch resulting in a perfectly-formed vegan baby!

I was surprised to see her for the second day running and was planning on continuing my homeward trajectory until I noticed her quicken her pace to catch me up. She speaks very good English, albeit with a US/Canadian accent which results from the study course she used. She feels a little embarrassed by it. Her dog was more relaxed today even though Isabella seemed to have boundless energy as did Sasha. Both have been unconscious for most of the day.

I went up the mountain and around Paleochora with a stop at Petrakis for some DD ingredients. Just as I walked into the store, raindrops fell but it turned to nothing other than some slight dampness as I rode back to the camping. Maria was not at her post probably as I’d been on two walks to Plakaki today. I suspect she may have been at the bar for coffee and to deliver some change.

I let out the dogs and fed them later as I wanted a bit of a sit down following the extended walk and my exhausting supermarket visit and ride back in the moisture. The rain was so heavy that I was dry before I got back to the camping and had forgotten all about it!

I had some IT tasks to perform and some emails to answer so got on with that. I spent time researching how to uninstall the administrative enterprise version of Office. There’s plenty of information on how to install Office using the Office Deployment Tool, however, very little on how to uninstall it. Suffice to say, it doesn’t uninstall via any of the traditional methods despite going through the motions. I’ve not managed to get to Louise today as I rather ran out of steam and moved onto more interesting things.

Maya, Sasha’s sibling, absconded from their home ending up at the camping. As Bona is here, as are the boys, I agreed to take Maya until they go home. After some initial resistance, she played with Sasha for a bit and is now trying successfully to empty the blue bath of water which is on the decking. It is intended for all uses however Maya is more interested in bathing than drinking having completely immersed herself in the bath. The only other dog I’ve had with a similar propensity for bathing was Minnie who loved to plunge into the bath emptying most of it onto the ground. So long as Maya restricts her activities to the area outside of the awning, I’ll be happy for her to splash around to her hears desire. It seems that the latest game is for Sasha and Maya to gallop madly around the compound which should wear them out in no time at all.

As the forecast rain didn’t happen, the day became warmer and sunnier as time passed however, some rain is forecast for Saturday although the volume is minimal.

A cooler start with some very light rain later followed by plenty of warmth and sunshine
Maya bathing with Sasha and Isabella looking on. Three great elephants charging around on the decking which is suitably swamped


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