Master Key!

Sasha was demolishing something outside and I thought it might have been the plastic container I use for the DDs so I got up to investigate. She was demolishing something but not the container so instead of going back to bed, I decided to get up.

Having readied the dogs, except for Obi who wasn’t present, I discovered that the field gate had been left open since our walk the previous day. It appeared that Obi had discovered its openness and disappeared off for a little jaunt. Shortly after, there was a barking outburst from within the camping with some accompanying barking which I might have recognised. There was nothing for it but to let it run its course: had I have gone into the camping in search of Obi, it would have only made things worse. We set off on our walk.

The number of vehicles and tents is dwindling gradually, with the number of tents being suspiciously close to zero. Still, the motorhomes hang on. With Obi absent I was a little light on dogs as Skinny was also not present as was Luis although nearby. We walked the beach to Plakaki and back with plenty of rushing about and going into the sea. It was getting lighter as we walked the Promontory for the second time and so we were soon back at the van. I put the boys in then went to see if I could find Obi in the camping to no avail.

I set off with the two girls without thrower today and we were joined by Obi who was on the sandy bit at the end of the promontory. Having been party to disturbing the customers just after five, he was now up for a walk. We went back, I exercised my brain then got on my bike to go into Paleochora via the mountain.

I managed to pause my workout at road level so the mountain section wasn’t recorded. Previously, the workout would automatically resume when it detected motion. Now, it would appear it needs to be manually restarted if manually stopped. The wonders of technology!

My ride took me to Petrakis where I ordered some dog food and got some veg for the DDs tomorrow. The plan was to then go swimming from Alonaki until a message from Maria advised me the laptop in the bar didn’t appear to like its password. I went back to the camping to the bar. The problem was that the password is CaSe SensItiVe yet the person who wrote the password on a scrap of paper just randomly capitalised some letters so that the password was useless. Furthermore, the small plug which powers the music system had been removed from its socket and the pins had become damaged when trying to put it back in. It’s a fine device just really intended for people who have a modicum of technological sympathy and can be bothered to align the pins with the socket. With the aid of a knife point, I was able to bend the pins back and GENTLY and CAREFULLY insert the plug. And the music started. I understand someone decided to log the laptop off and to remove the mixer/amp for the music system. Hence the problem.

Maria called to say that the supplier invoices needed to go into the central office for scrutiny. I said they would be ready by the end of the day as there are quite a few in August, surprisingly. Something to do with it being the busiest month I suppose. The fact there are some missing invoices and I don’t have a list of the payments makes things more complicated. How someone with limited computer skills and bookkeeping knowledge is supposed to keep up with it all whilst working in the reception is hard to understand. I devoted more than a little time to sorting everything out and organising the invoices for the official mandarin. Still jobs for the boys I reckon.

Earlier in the day I spent time installing a Draytek router configured in Access Point mode for Litsa and Manolis. We then unsuccessfully tried to get their TV to connect to it via WiFi. The TV says it’s connected but fails to work as expected. Tomorrow, the plan is to run a cable from the router to the TV and be done with it. I tested the TV earlier to make sure it would work, and its fine.

Maria wasn’t in the office when I went to drop off the supplier invoices only Litsa and the young lady who lives in the Netherlands from the other day, who was on the computer. There were some more supplier invoices which I added to the ones already processed and there was even a statement from one of the suppliers! They can read my mind! Looking at the Petrakis statement earlier, I noticed that the statement and the invoices don’t correspond with the chronological order of the statements which gives it limited value.

There were a few drops of rain earlier as a cloud passed silently by. Unless you were outside or under a metal roof, you could have missed the entire event.

The mood within the camping is becoming more chilled as the number of customers gradually declines. Michaelis is just finishing his last day and appeared to be changing the lock to the workshop when I was passing earlier. Hopefully, he will change all of the remaining locks so that the pass partout key which I’ve had for a while will actually work partout, as in everywhere.

I’ve just received a dog-worshiping visit from two of Noisy’s bigger brothers. Without him, they didn’t come in just petted the dogs through the gap in the fence.

Last night there were lots of visitors, probably more than on any other occasion.

I just had a visit from Georgia bearing the second Master Key to the camping. With the two master keys I now have, I can open virtually any door in the camping. No more bowls full of keys always with every key except the one you actually need. No more wandering up to the office to get keys to the rooms when showing people around and no more searching through countless, unmarked keys to find the one you need! Progress indeed.

Georgia said that she was sitting by the bar yesterday evening when she saw a Small Brown Dog which she recognised. He visited the customers so was rewarded with salami and various other treats. Obi must have taken the opportunity to disappear when there were so many people passing through the gate.

A warm and sunny day with just a few spots of rain which were hardly noticeable.


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