Steffi and Sascha Arrive

I was about to settle down to watch something when Georgia called to ask me to meet her at the boiler. Apparently, it had gone off so all of the hot water was exhausted. It started up ok so the water eventually heated up and the showerers were happy. I’d only been back a short while when Maria called to ask me to go to the bar as the POS device was no longer working. Maria had disconnected the POS device from the office to use at the bar.

The bar is a cramped space with too much stuff so the idea of installing the wired POS from the office didn’t appeal. I decided to try to fix the 4G POS so that we could all go home. It transpired the POS had been dropped so was saying there was no Internet connection via 4G. The POS at the bar was bought before there was wireless or Ethernet. Removing the SIM and restarting the device had the desired effect so I was about to slope off when Georgia reappeared insisting I stay for a drink. Some of her friends, who are regulars, were sitting at one of the tables so I joined them as I drank my beer. Fortunately, the Crazy Dentist passed by asking if I’d recovered from my bike event a few weeks ago. How well news travels on Crete! We were chatting until I saw Iera eating the cat food near the bar. I escorted her back to the others for safe keeping then went to the office to put back the POS removed by Maria. Better then than in the morning when she’s busy on checkouts. I went back to the dogs where I found the three females were charging around. There was still quite a high level of noise in the camping and, in any event, it couldn’t really be helped. I retired to bed and was soon asleep. The three of them remained quiet all night only Fido wanted to go out at 04:30 and I told him he could wait until five.

The eight dogs raced across the field into the darkness to find no one on the beach only the yellow camper from the previous day. The tents had disappeared so we had the Promontory to ourselves. The mornings are becoming cooler so it’s been several days since I was walking without a thin T-shirt at least. Our walk to Plakaki and back was dark and uneventful. Just lots of different coloured lights flashing in the blackness with the occasional fishing boat chugging in the distance. The stars were great and it was very tranquil. We completed our second Promontory lap, I put the boys in the van then took the three girls for another walk. This time, Iera stayed behind not bothering to cross the rocks. We didn’t see her again.

After my brain exercise I rode to Paleochora to Petrakis where Steffi and Sascha were shopping. They’d forgotten the key to their van and I have one of the spares. I took the opportunity to do my shopping so went around the usual route only backwards. I had frozen chicken so went straight back to the camping as it had already been out in the warm for long enough.

It was getting on for ten so I released the dogs but fed them later. I read the newspaper and fell asleep. The dogs eventually got fed after eleven when I got on with the DDs.

I didn’t do much for a while then went for a wander to chat to the Scottish couple and then to the office. Maria needed to do some stuff so I personed the office for an hour. A very simple job as I tell everyone she’ll be back later whilst I got on the supplier invoices. Maria eventually returned but was then soon joined by Litsa so I left them to it. Litsa took the desk so that Maria could go to lunch.

I came back to the dogs and organised the invoices into some plastic wallets. I will acquire more wallets the next time I visit the office. It soon was time to go for some food and process the DDs. The doggy rice is probably cooked so I’ll feed them before darkness is upon us. And it’s only seven-thirty!

The extension to the loo vent has worked wonderfully and should have been installed from the beginning. The pipe extension heading up appears to have dramatically improved things. Not a whiff of odour from the facility, the mixing handle was much easier to turn and the entire performance was extremely satisfactory earlier in the evening. A pipe extension is the answer, just wish I’d done it at the beginning!

People are still arriving at the camping and much of the larger accommodation looks booked for the next few days and will probably be busy next weekend. The rental tents are all but deserted however the group next to me are not going just yet.

Darkness is now upon us, the first half of the moon is to my left. The dogs are now sleeping off their food with only Sasha still pottering around almost silently. It’s all eerily quiet.

Warm and sunny with some breezy bits although it will become windy for the next few days.


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