A Little Windy

There was not much wind very early on but I could hear it getting up as the morning approached. By the time we were out it was very windy so we were blown towards the Promontory. Even amongst the trees it was still windy and the sand was blowing in our eyes. Iera had appeared as soon as we entered so the excitement began amongst the crazy females.

I didn’t take the dogs over the rocks as I didn’t quite fancy the idea of battling against the wind as well as the rocks. Instead, we explored other areas and started to go north via the Big Beach until I realised how strong the wind was. We then turned and followed the path down the east side where we could see a freighter moored in the bay sheltering from the wind.

I kept in the trees next to the track from the car park until the river but then it’s more sheltered there anyway. On the way back, the wind had dropped so it was more relaxing and not so chilly. I was wearing a thick T-shirt with a polo shirt on top.

I saw an interesting phenomenon which resembled a nighttime train with the lighted windows but it was in the sky and moving too slowly for a plane. A UFO or maybe a large airship.

I took the dogs back and came back with Sasha and Isabella where we were soon joined by Iera who was lurking in the bushes and appeared from nowhere. We went over the rocks as the wind had died down considerably and we were walking south anyway.

Iera disappeared after a while and so Isabella, Sasha and I continued our walk back to the camping where I drank some tea and trained my brain for a little while. I then went to the office to collect any invoices and hung around so that Maria could get some coffee and a wee. I eventually left to release and feed the dogs who were quiet when I arrived.

It was a lot less windy by now and quite warm at times but there were also strong, occasional gusts. I got a little rooted to the spot for a couple of hours then ended up in the reception once more as Maria wanted to call the bank helpline about a problem with one of the POS machines.

It was now very windy and remains very windy now. Litsa took over from Maria so she could get some food. Litsa and I stayed in reception until Maria came back then I went for food too. My food was hot so I put the doggy rice on and ate my grub. The dogs were fed soon after and then the wind became stronger and cooler so I went in with most of the dogs. Even Obi is lying on the seat next to me! Sasha prefers her own company outside.

Bona’s boys came to see the dogs and play with them. Noisy, who, the day before had been running around the camping in just shorts was wearing jeans and a hoodie with it up! His brothers were wearing shorts but with a light jacket. I was back to a t-shirt with polo shirt. Sitting here now, with the roof light open completely, it’s more windy that I’d like it to be.

Sascha and Steffi came to have a meal at Houmas so dropped off the new hard disk on the way back. We met in the bar which was quite busy considering how windy and cool it was.

Tomorrow is forecast to be windy too!

Very windy at times


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