RIP Elizabeth Windsor

Yet another cooler and blowy night. I was glad of the blanket although only very light. The morning came quickly enough and was more windy than I expected.

With the recent wind, the beach was devoid of FreeLoaders and so I thought was The Promontory as there was not a vehicle in sight. No sign of Iera so we walked down and back again before going up the beach to Plakaki and back. It was on the second time around that I spotted someone moving in the bushes as we were heading back to the camping.

I came out with the girls where we met up with a group of between 10-20 male hikers. It looked as though they’d been camping out on The Promontory. Rather them than me.

We completed our walk, returned to the camping and I Elevated before going out on my bike. It was still quite windy but it was consistent so I went up the mountain and over Panorama and then Petrakis for a selection of stuff.

It was pretty calm as I rode back so I was soon at the camping to release and feed the dogs although I stopped at the reception to pick up supplier invoices and have a chinwag with Maria.

We’ve at last sorted out the router problem in the office above Cook. The router credentials had changed so I updated them to the latest ones and off it went. However, the machine I was on seemed to be having problems which gobbled up most of the afternoon. I’m glad I had nothing else planned for today.

It was past time to collect my grub so I went down to the kitchen where things were reasonably quiet. Steady business it would seem.

The family in the large tent nearby have left and the single guy with the dog has moved away from my fence and taken one of the tents further away. Still not far enough as far as I’m concerned but if he’s the only one there I’ll let the dogs do as they like as it will only bother him. I understand from Maria that he has a restaurant in Paleochora and intends staying at the camping until next Spring. He was offered one of the igloo rooms but says he prefers a small cabin AKA wooden tent. We’ll see how long he lasts.

Less windy and warmer


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