Full Moon

As the evening wore on, the wind was no where to be heard only the moon silently passing outside. It was too cold to be sitting outside so we all adjourned inside. The guy with the dog was moving house so there was a lot of clattering which provoked some undesirable barking on my side. Having everyone in seemed like a good idea.

There was barely a breath of wind but it wasn’t too hot as we walked towards the Promontory with the full(ish) moon heading rapidly towards the western horizon. There were no cars just a couple of vans along the beach track as we walked towards Plakaki and back. At one point, it seemed as though I was on my own but with some careful Inspection, I could make out a reasonable number of lights around me but in the distance.

We completed our quota and I took the girlies for a second spin around. It was warmer by now as the sun had escaped from behind the mountain to warm up the sea and the beach. Our walk was pleasant but otherwise uneventful. I took the girls back, Elevated my brain, then set off for Paleochora sneezing and snotting as I went up the mountain and down Panorama stopping at he PAWS kennels by the port. I’d seen someone there the previous day but I don’t see the point in stopping if there’s already someone there. But today there was just me and some puppies hiding under one of the kennels in a heap. I tried to lure them out but I suspect they are still very young so not so curious. I waited a little but they didn’t respond so I left for the bakery.

Today, I surprised the server by asking for something different. When she’d scraped herself from off the floor she served me with a wholemeal sourdough bread. I may have had one before but I’ll see very soon. The ride back took in the sea for a little swim and then back to the dogs to change and feed the dogs. I drank tea and the dogs snoozed. Quite a good arrangement I felt.

Following on with my quest for personal rather than space heating this winter, I continued looking for heated vests for inside the van at night or outside during the day. And when it’s very cold, out on my bike. I’ve chosen a vest with a heated collar and shoulders as these are areas which are most affected by cold and stiffness. Hopefully, this vest will help overcome both leading to a more pleasant inside experience during the winter. It will be more convenient than clumping around inside in boots and a thick coat. Zoe, one of the baristas at the bar intends to stay over the winter but has no idea how cold it can be.

I went to the office to collect invoices and had a chat with Litsa and Maria who was as crazy as ever. She tells me my [former] neighbour’s dog made a big hole in a tent which was new this season. If he plans to stay during the winter he may need to make changes.

I chatted to some motorhome punters from The Netherlands and Austria. Neither were aware the camping is open during the winter and the Dutch showed me their guide book which provides prices only until end of October. I asked if they might like to contact the authors to put them straight. Both parties seemed interested in coming during the winter and enquired about the weather and generally about what was available and open.

I’ve now fed the dogs and myself enjoying some of my wholemeal sourdough bread from the bakers. It’s very good so we’ll see how much more/less I sneeze as this has become a bit of problem lately. One reason why I stopped buying batch bread in the first place.

The day has been warm and sunny but has now cooled down as night falls. Tomorrow and the next few days are predicted to be similar with pleasantly hot days and cooler nights perchance to dream.

Warm and sunny with no wind!


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