Smelly GoatDogs

The night turned chilly at one point so I had to retreat under my sheet! It was pleasantly cool at getting up time accompanied by a gentle breeze which almost kept the mosquitoes at bay. The moon illuminated almost everything as it’s now so much higher in the sky at walk time as it sets much later in the day. As the moon is so bright, there are fewer stars on offer.

The German couple with the little dog are still in the same position but it only barked as we went out on the second walk. No dog went AWOL for any appreciable time and Obi came panting back. Isabella picked up a rotting goat’s head which was then admired and shared by all, in order of superiority of course. The lot of them were very smelly by the end of the walk. I’m not sure if anything remains or where it might be. Better to be in the dark I suspect.

I took out the girls, we got barked at by the small dog at the camper which was suitably ignored by Isabella and Sacha. We completed our walk and returned to the camping before eight.

I took a pause for my brain to recover and a bike battery to recharge as I’d omitted to put them on charge during the night. They are ready to charge tonight.

I went for bread and DD bits as today is DD Day. I was only buying fruit and veg so my visit was quick and I was soon on my way back to the camping where I stopped to visit Maria in the office. She produced some invoices for me to play with so that I’d be amused whilst she ran some errands. The Scottish couple who now live in Spain leave today to catch the ferry tomorrow morning from Kissamos. They are on their way back to Spain but may return for next winter.

It was around eleven when I got back to the dogs which I released and fed. It was warm so we all had a bit of a rest once the DDs were on their way.

I’d suggested to Janne that we share my electricity as I have a surplus except during the heating season when they rarely visit. I amused myself installing a cable to join us together and will complete the final part of the connection tomorrow. I think we should be able to share 5kW between us without too much problem. So long as we don’t put on the big items such as kettle, heater or vacuum all at once.

I stopped the hose spray pistol attachment from leaking which has been bugging me for ages! After crawling under the decking, I need to have a shower and I feel like someone who has been crawling under the decking!

The day has been warm and sunny not that there are so many punter here to enjoy it. The mice are very relaxed with the cat away.

Some chilliness in the night but warm and pleasant all day with plenty of sunshine and just a few passing clouds in the latter part of the afternoon.

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