I amused myself in front of the box with some of BritBox’s lates offerings. More police murder stories but quite good. I eventually ran out of steam so retired to my boudoir where I was soon asleep.

The alarm hadn’t gone off and I was already out of bed and dragging on some clothes. We were soon out of the gate heading towards the Promontory to discover the German Couple with the small dog were no longer there. There was one SUV which we later determined belonged to a tent which was attached to the Big Beach. It was not pitched level so the occupant(s) must have survived an interesting night.

We completed our walk without picking up any more deceased goats or other unpleasantnesses so we were back in time to be out with the girls before my watch told me it was seven. We had an enjoyable wander and were back about thirty-minutes later.

I made tea and sat down after clearing the wreckage from the previous evening. I then took my bike up the mountain and on the daily jaunt. There were some activites which required my attention including some cabling to the rear of Ξ3. I need to get up to the back of the cabin with some long screws and a screwdriver. The electrical installation leaves a lot to be desired so I shall return to it at a later date when I have more time.

I met Frank carrying a parcel all the way from Budapest which contained the long-awaited circuit board for the cameras. Having completed my electrical task, I spent quite a little time installing the board and then setting up the cameras. This version of the board and the software is much better than the previous which enhanced security and recent updates. The product has moved on quite a lot.

Bona came into the laundry room whilst I was setting up the new board and disk. She could see what I was doing and I told her that everyone should pay attention as now all of the cameras were back online and could be viewed from anywhere. I knew that would be the quickest way of spreading the word!

The final part of the day was about finishing off the cable to Janne and Erica as they should be travelling tomorrow so will probably require some electricity. I will complete the connection at this end tomorrow morning as I need to transfer over the power whilst I work on the box. The job will take about an hour but that’s quite a long time to leave a part of the camping without Internet. I will switch over to grid while I get it done.

I was down at the kitchen earlier for a change to find them loafing around outside. There are not that many people in the early evening at present so the restaurant is a little slow.

We’ve all eaten, it’s starting to cool down and begin to enter the twilight period. I’ve just turned off the noisy fan so can now hear some children playing in the distance. The camping is reasonably busy but most are 2/3 night stays although there seems to be a longer stay from Friday and another around ten days later.

Mostly warm and sunny with hardly any wind. Highs consistently in the early 30s at present with cooler nights. But it’s quite good mosquito weather should you happen to be a mosquito…

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