Half Way

M Poirot entertained me for nearly an hour. This time, he was preventing a murder, just for a change. It was a good story and just a typical Poirot.

It was cooler during the night but no need of a blanket, just a sheet. The morning was still until we were out on the Promontory. Two cars were in the car park, including the black SUV from yesterday. We later encountered its owner by his tent on the Big Beach.

Other than the man with the tent, everything was as normal. It seemed to be a lot darker but we were slightly earlier too.

I came out again with the girls who romped around energetically. With slightly cooler weather and the sun only creeping out from behind the mountains as we set off, it’s easier to feel more energised. We did our circuit, picked up the poo then I went to ride my bike as I had things I wanted to do.

The PAWS puppies were being attended to by someone so I didn’t stop. I paused at the periptero for Bona. A man in the bread queue took the last wholemeal so today I have long, black bread for a change. And I rode back to the camping delayed only by Tassos who collared me for a chat.

I wanted to reconfigure the electrical box and connect up the power cable to the neighbours as I didn’t know their arrival time. A subsequent message from Janne confirmed they’d be taking off at 17:10 so there was no need for me to rush. I was working on the feed from the inverter so transferred everything to the mains for a little while. The solar and batteries were still working in the background. I wanted to make it a sensible job so could take the time to keep it neat.

I then carried on with some bits down at Ξ3 left over from the day before. I noticed that Bona had been in after me and removed some of the dust I brought in.

Tony was removing a BBQ from the storeroom and then lit some charcoal. Michaelis arrived with a sheep which they cooked then all was quiet.

These little activities took quite a bit of time so I was glad to eventually sit down as I’d been moving since five. The remainder of the afternoon was consequently inactive and involved a state of deeper inactivity for a little while. And then I had an alfresco shower!

The kitchen seemed busier than of late as there were actually people in the restaurant requiring food. I could see they would be eating Tzatsiki and salad as it was prepared as I stood at the serving hatch. The staff were still quite relaxed. Today I’m having bamies (μπαμιες) with some beetroot on the side which will be incorporated into my salad.

Tomorrow, we have some arrivals from afar and some for the weekend only. The shape of things to come.

Hardly a breath of air and plenty of sun. It looks calm over the weekend but windy at the beginning of next week

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