I was watching a film about some young navy lads out on the razzle the day before they were to sail on an operation lasting six months. It was a bit slow but it was set in the eighties(?) so it was interesting from an historical point of view if nothing else. I finally gave up around ten so prepared for bed.

The alarm stirred me into action but it took a little while to get going due to one thing or another. Nevertheless, we were out and walking up the beach past the German Couple with the small dog who have returned. There was also a rather surprised man(?) sleeping on the shingle(!) beach not far from the sandy Promontory or some much nearer sun beds. There was a gasp of surprise as he became aware of being passed by a selection of flashing dogs at around half-five on a Sunday Morning.

There was no one on the Promontory so we completed our walk to meet Heidi and Ursula just setting out on theirs. It was interesting to see how the other dogs related to seeing Heidi having not been with here for three years. We were going in different directions so our meeting was short and slightly marred by Isabella deciding to have a pop at Obi. She’s working her way through the small dogs, starting with Luis, then Fido and now Obi. She cannot be under any illusion as to how I felt about her behaviour as she discovered in double-QuickTime. Luis decided to stick with Ursula and Heidi as I took the others back returning shortly after with the girls.

We had a gentle walk back although Isabella streaked off to find Ursula as soon as she picked up her scent whereas Sasha disappeared initially to return after a short while.

I went to ride my bike up the mountain and came back via the office as it had been a few days since I’d picked up the supplier invoices. I chatted with Maria then she went off to perform some errands whilst I held the fort. A couple of Ukrainians had been staying the the camping and they came to pay. Maria had spotted them heading towards the office so arrived soon after. Apparently, they’d been working in Poland and came for a holiday.

I went back to feed the dogs and made tea for myself as it was now eleven. The rest of the morning filtered by but included a couple of walks into the camping. One to discover that someone had disconnected the meter in T4. I have yet to discover who was responsible but I have my suspicions.

I met Maria and told her Georgia’s phone needed to be set to access the cameras as they were all working again. I went to the bar to do the setup and had a drink. Georgia didn’t appear to be her usual self. Zoe was very patient as I bored her with the finer details as to why Internet access is so slow when the camping is busy. She was very polite but perhaps she may avoid talking to me in the future…

I wandered up to see Janne struggling with his water filter and found him a jubilee clip to make the connection. Later, I went down for some food from the kitchen, picked up the remains of the shroom stifato from the previous day then chatted to Ursula and Tony for a while.

Not a really meaningful Sunday as things go.

It felt warmer due to the humidity but a strong breeze later helped that along.

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