Royal Funeral

I watched the second part of Remembrance, the film about Devonport sailors on a night out prior to leaving for six months. A long film which was quite complicated due to the number of sub-plots and the amount of dialogue. But I survived to the end.

Just the German Couple with the little dog were parked in the beach car park as we went by to go over the rocks. There wasn’t much wind and it was warm enough.

We completed our first Promontory circuit and went to Plakaki and back before going over the rocks once more. We were about to go back when we met Heidi and Ursula coming from the camping. So we decided to accompany them back down to the end rather than me go back to the camping then return with Isabella and Sasha. Just like old times with all the dogs larking around as we chatted and admired the view.

I went off up the mountain, to the bakery and then Petrakis as I needed stuff for me as well as for the DDs. The dogs were lucky as there appeared to be no chicken legs or wings so they ended up with quarters. Poor things. Even so, spread over twenty-one portions, that’s not much meat.

I stopped at the office on my way in to collect only one invoice. Maria and I chatted a while then I went back to the dogs, made tea, fed them and did the DDs. From here on there wasn’t so much activity until later in the day when I went to deliver a package to Frank.

I heard a familiar-sounding motorbike outside so went to investigate to discover the postman with a package. I knew I had nothing arriving soon but didn’t have my glasses so was unable to read the label. I squiggled my name and bade farewell to the postman. I imagine he went into automatic winter-mode when he discovered no one at the office. Like the man from ACS, I try to foster good relationships with the delivery guys.

Janne asked to have the power turned off so he could change the plug on his supply cable having bought a new plug earlier. He is now reconnected and has the app so that he can turn off his own power as well as monitor his consumption.

I sorted out the software on the SmartShunt as it appeared to have stopped talking to the inverter management software. That is working properly as it’s more important that I know what’s going on now that I’m sharing the supply. I don’t expect there to be any conflicts at this time of the year but winter may be a different story if we both try to heat electrically during dull or rainy weather.

I went to collect my food and received a bonus of small tomatoes and some olives with my bamies. Tomorrow will probably be Gigantes as they are on the menu today. Ursula said they were very good as she had some at lunchtime.

It looks as though some staff are soon to be laid off including Anna who works with Bona. I suspect Bona will miss Anna as they seem to get on well together despite Bona’s initial misgivings. Everything will fall back upon Bona which will be hard as she’s already tired after the busy period and she works the winter as well.

Otherwise, a very pleasant day with a little wind at times to keep us cool.


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