The Germans with the small dog seem to have taken up residence in the car park but still appear pleased as we pass. Another car was there but no sign of anyone. Heidi and Ursula were just approaching the car park when Isabella spotted them and so the game was up. We were walking back, but like yesterday, I took them all back down to the sandy bit at the end so we could spend some time together. Sasha and Isabella were particularly girlsterous at times so the others skipped around them to avoid getting mixed up in the fray. Sasha and Heidi decided on a swim right at the end of the walk as we arrived back at Alonaki.

I put the boys in, picked up the poo, relived Ursula of Luis who’d done a Sasha and doubled back to follow them back to the camping. I discovered my inverter making complaining noises and the battery voltage much lower than usual. I fiddled with some of the settings to shut it up with the intention of reconfiguring it properly later on. I left for Paleochora.

It felt cooler this morning so I was glad when the sun’s rays started to warm the ground as we were returning from our walk. It was warming up as I climbed the mountain and descended over Panorama and through Paleochora. I had no reason to stop today so just kept going until I was back at the camping.

The electricity guys had finished the work on the nearby power lines so I knew the power would be up when I got back. Janne and Erica were oblivious to the outage now being directly disconnected. The generator eventually sprang to life once Tony borrowed Georgia’s pickup to jump start it. I must make a point of charging the generator start battery periodically in case I need to use it during the winter.

I fed dogs and drank tea then got on with some feverish relaxation. I had to pop out to see Janne at one point and I also had an external shower as the afternoon headed towards evening. I reconfigured the Inverter as I’d given it summer settings to prevent it from exercising the battery excessively. Since there are now two households using the power, demand has unsurprisingly doubled so the battery needs to be charged faster with a greater charge as between us we can consume considerably more electricity. I will monitor the battery situation over the next few days. During the summer, I don’t bother with monitoring the battery as I know there will always be far more power generated than can possibly be consumed.

I met Georgia, as in Anna’s sister, earlier. She told me she’d stopped working so was now a customer. Likewise, Anna, who worked with Bona, has also finished her stint at the camping however she was still helping Bona later in the morning, unofficially. I should imagine the restaurant will continue for another three weeks and the bar a little longer. This is pure speculation based on previous years. I have a feeling Dimitris will not be sad to see the end of this season.

There are still new arrivals and now more motorhomes and campers. The bays are full and there is one by the beach and a couple higher up in the central section. They will be allowed down once October arrives and the kitchen and restaurant close. There will be deep cleaning in the kitchen, the bar will be reduced to a skeleton staff and gradually get packed away for the winter. Michaelis and Tony will cover everything with polythene to help protect it from the winter storms and the winter 22/23 season will begin.

Still and warm with plenty of sunshine. The readings are incorrect as the Meteobridge had a problem after the power was restored following some routine maintenance to the Grid.


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