Space Invader

The TV viewing experience was marred by dodgy Internet connectivity. I tried unsuccessfully to find solutions by restarting things and eventually gave up. There were loads of mosquitoes too which made life more complicated.

I was woken at 04:50 by a mosquito whining about my head. Somehow, it had found its way past my fortifications into my inner sanctum. I terminated it but was now properly awake so called it a night and got up.

Our first walk was over and we were back by six forty-five. Luis was lurking in the field and joined us for the girlie walk where we met Heidi and Ursula. I had Isabella’s ball and thrower so made her and Sasha run up and down the sandy area a bit. Luis and Heidi watched from afar whilst Ursula and I chatted and listened to distant thunder. The sky had been occasionally lit by distant lightning earlier so I knew it was around.

We made our way down the Promontory and back to the camping. I heard Luis puffing and panting after me so assumed he was coming back with me. He made it as far as Alonaki Beach whilst I threw Isabella’s ball into the water and seemed to be with us in the field. Ursula reported having him with her where he remained for the rest of the day, even missing out on BREAKFAST!

I went out on my bike with the sound of distant thunder and stacking clouds. To save any suspense, the storms passed harmlessly by and there was no hint of rain. I stopped at the bakers for a long black as there was no other appropriated choice.

The sky was cloudy with a thin layer which kept the temperature down and impeded solar production of electricity: more important of late. Nearly 12kW/h of electricity was made and the battery charged to 90%. We’ll be on Grid tomorrow morning I should imagine.

I amused myself catching up with some odd jobs. I’ve deployed quite a few wireless electricity meters but failed to update the app which shows the devices on the network. This complicates things when you don’t know which device is offline but now, the majority are correctly labelled with even the right icon in the list. An apparently insignificant task but one which makes life a whole lot simpler. There were other important tasks which were even less gripping!

I eventually went to rescue Tony and Ursula from Luis who I’d heard bark in concert with Heidi, a couple of times during the day. The two of them together spur each other on. They were both tethered so cats could pass with impunity as a safe distance: likewise other customer dogs. Luis might have been a little reluctant at the beginning as he was wearing his collar but soon worked out that there would be no repercussions should he bark. We chatted a while, Janne passed to invite us to a meal at Anydroi with Sascha and Steffi tomorrow afternoon which we accepted. I then went to the kitchen to pick up a vat of aginares with patatoules (peas, artichokes and oven potatoes).

Talking with Petra and Dimitris, it seems the kitchen may be closing a little before my estimated time and I understand the bar will close very soon after. I can understand this as I see very little point paying staff to serve a very few customers especially when there are other hostelries nearby. The actual date has yet to be decided.

I will need to be organised tomorrow as we are going out and there are Doggy Dinners to prepare. I will make sure the DD’s are processed before we go out and their rice is in the pot on a timer. That way, I’ll be able to feed them as soon as I return.

Tomorrow is forecast to be mostly sunny however Friday threatens a 60% chance of a little rain later in the day. However, we are speeding towards the end of September so a little inclement weather is not unexpected.

Warm and sunny with a little cloud earlier. Good mosquito weather!


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