Dining Out

I was slightly ahead of the alarm but only by a couple of minutes. The dogs stirred only once my feet were on the ground and I started to drag on some clothes. Shorts and a T-shirt don’t take much time anyway.

It didn’t want to be much cooler or I would have needed something light on top of my t-shirt. The moon has a couple more mornings and than it’s done for another month. The stars are easier to see now the moon is more subdued. The chirpy insects were chirping as we marched up towards the rocks. Everyone arrived for biscuits except, of course, Luis who has developed a regime of his own.

It wasn’t long before we were walking up the beach towards Plakaki. The white car with someone inside on a personal device was still there but gone when we came back later. All dogs, except Luis, reported at Plakaki and we set off back again picking Luis up on the way. Obi came racing after us following a little persuasion from me.

We were heading back to the camping, not far from the entrance to the field when I spied a Fluffy Dog approaching from Grammeno Beach. I suggested Oskar might wish to ascertain who it was but he was reluctant so Isabella hurtled off to try to bowl Ursula off her feet. Sasha wasn’t that far behind.

We took them all up the Promontory again, this time going over the rocks meeting Ursula and the dissenters who were waiting. Sasha and Isabella played energetically kicking up loads of sand and small stones. I took them back including Luis who really wished to stay with Ursula and Heidi however I had other ideas. As expected, Luis was obstructively slow hoping I might lose interest so that he could use the old trick of doubling back to Heidi and Ursula. I was equally adamant that he was going to come back with the others. Luis likes to get his own way which is when he starts to get too cocky and then Isabella decides to sort him out.

I went up the mountain and then to Petrakis for some DD bits. I needed to get on as I had an IT task to deal with as well as the DDs to get on. I’d taken the supplier invoices to Maria as I went past on my way out and she wasn’t there when I came back. She complains if I don’t make time to go see her at some point in the day.

Once back, I got on with feeding the dogs and preparing the DDs so that I could get them processed before going out for our wild extravaganza departing 16:40. Janne and Erica had gone out early for a walk as I discovered later. I eventually sat down with a large mug of tea and may possibly have drifted off once I’d fixed Simon’s PDF editing software’s problem.

The day was a little cloudy so PV production was a little slow. I’d noticed we’d been on Grid shortly after my bike batteries started to charge around two. I’m not exactly sure why it did that as the State Of Charge was around 50% so plenty of power left. I think I need to do a full charge and reset the 100% value to make it more accurate.

I went for a shower and got ready then walked up to Janne’s car parked in the car park. We arrived at To Skoleo after Ursula and Tony and slightly ahead of Sascha and Steffi. We had a good meal and left around 19:15 popping in to pick up some cat food from Heike and something for Erica from Anatoli.

The dogs seemed delighted to see me and everything was ready to feed them so I got straight on with it. They are now snoozing contentedly and I’m listening to Radio Paradise.

Warm and mostly sunny with occasional cloud. Possibility of 5mm rain from midday tomorrow.

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