Two Blankets!

I watched the second half of Kavenagh and began to watch something else. And then I woke up and went to bed. Having carefully ensured Fido went out for a wee at bedtime, I was woken around three by Isabella needing to go out. It transpired that Skinny went out at the same time. Later, there was a doggy barking event for which Sasha was blamed however, in the light of new evidence, I suspect it was Skinny.

Once the alarm sounded and my eyes were open, I looked around me and counted the plethora of mosquitoes resting on the outside of my mosquito net. I didn’t count them accurately but estimate between ten and twenty. There is one buzzing around my head as I write. It was the whining that made me look to see how many there were.

It was cool and windy as we walked the Promontory and the rocks. I was wearing three layers including a thin fleece. The moon eventually slid up from behind the mountains however I suspect that is the last we’ll see of it this cycle. There must have been something of great interest at the back of Azzuro as I found I had very few dogs at one point. They eventually emerged from that direction. Even Fido who usually sticks near me most of the time.

Luis was free to choose so I found him vainly waiting, flashing gently, in the middle of beach, for Ursula and Heidi to appear. I lead the rest to the end of the promontory and back to find he’d managed to catch us up having given up on Ursula. I took them back then came out with the girls and the thrower for some more action. Both had plenty of energy so there was a lot of rushing around chasing the ball. At one point, they were swimming in the lagoon together.

Following a brief paws, I took my bike up the mountain and down to collect the last of the round loaves. I’d managed to eat the best part of 1kg of bread the previous evening. Something to do with the cold and not being bothered to make up a salad. I’m going to have to start making food again soon as the days of the kitchen and restaurant are numbered.

I fed dogs, made tea and sat down to decompose. I was slightly concerned to notice that there was little electricity generation despite an adequate supply of sunshine. I looked later to discover this was still the case to find that my SmartShunt was no longer working. Having measured voltages and tried to connect the app, I declared it dead so removed it from the battery circuit. As a consequence, there has only been limited charging today which is annoying as the battery was very low as a result of even less charging the previous day due to the rain.

The SmartShunt, part of the Victron product line, promised much but underdelivered. It lasted less than two years, the BlueTooth range was limited to around three meters and the app was clunky. At least it was quite accurate however I would have hoped for better reliability from Victron.

I had a chat with Michael who worked in reception last year. He now lives and works in Athens in an international bank. I caught him up with all the latest gossip.

Ursula and Tony had returned from their adventure into Paleochora so I put on the doggy rice and went to join them for some tea before reporting to the kitchen for sustenance. During much of this time, the dogs were quite noisy however Janne and Erica were fortunately out.

Once the sun had established itself, the day turned out to be warm and sunny with just a little bit of wind as evening approached. This helped to finish drying the sheets brought to me by Bona this morning. She is now having to do it all on her own again.

Warm and sunny with light wind in the evening.


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