I watched an interesting documentary on buildings which were constructed during the war especially during the period when invasion was likely. A chunk of the program was made at Newhaven Fort as well as Seven Sisters Country Park and Cuckmere Haven particularly. There are several parts to this series which I look forward to viewing. Earlier, I’d been entertained by M Poirot who was dealing with a difficult case of a woman bumping off hubby to gain the fortune in the life insurance as well as a former lover. As expected, Hercule came through.

There were elephants on the decking at 03:00. Isabella and Sasha decided it was time to leap around a little rather than sleep. Fido suddenly decided he needed to go out to investigate and there was a single mosquito buzzing around on the inside of my mosquito net. I couldn’t find the mosquito, I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed to stop the elephants so contented myself telling Fido he wasn’t going out again as I knew he’d been out at bedtime. The alarm was the next sound I heard.

There was coolness and breeziness as we emerged from the field onto the track where there was a caravan and car as well as a few motorhomes and vans. All except Luis made it to the first biscuit rendezvous, surprise, surprise. We crossed the rocks and set sail for Plakaki and back. There were fewer absentees today although there was a little hanging around on my part to make sure they caught up.

I came out again with Isabella, Sasha and the ball-thrower. We found Ursula and Isabella on the sandy bit and had great fun throwing the ball so that the larger dogs could race around madly wearing themselves out. The cooler weather seems to have increased their energy levels hence the bouncing around at 03:00. Something that Skinny and Isabella used to do.

I took myself and bike to the mountain top and around Paleochora without any stops only to wish Yannis Petrakis good morning as I passed. I received a call from Maria asking for meter readings when I was moments away from the camping so dropped in to reception where I ended up staying whilst Maria checked on the bar and other necessary activities. I learned that Dimitris’ mother had died, not unexpectedly as she’d been unwell for some while. Georgia and Dimitris had attended the funeral on Saturday which explains why Georgia was not at the camping for the weekend. I eventually extracted myself and went back to feed the dogs.

I popped up to see Litsa whose birthday was yesterday. She claimed to be sixty-eight which I found difficult to believe as she is some five months younger than me. Between us, Manolis and I put her straight. I went back to the dogs to get the DDs underway.

It was now afternoon so time for some tea and to finish off the supplier invoices which I’ve agreed to drop into the tax office tomorrow morning. They are needed as it would appear that Georgia has paid too much tax due the records not being available at the correct time.

I fiddled around with some other stuff including another delivery of washing from Bona. The afternoon passed by, I processed the DDs then joined Tony and Ursula for tea on my way to the kitchen for food. Meanwhile, Sasha and Steffi arrived to let us know that they mistakenly got their return ferry day wrong to discover it was Tuesday not the end of the week. They’re going to be rushing around for the next two days preparing for their departure. It seems only a short while ago that they arrived however it has been the best part of a month.

Ursula and Tony are off to Downtown Paleochora to meet up with Anne for a meal. I came back to feed the dogs and take down the sheets from the line for Bona. She came by to pick it up later.

I’m being eaten alive!

A chilly and breezy start to the day which turned out to be warm with plenty of sunshine.


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