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It was much warmer as we crossed the car park where only one car remained. Later, we saw the same selection of Motorhomes and Vans as we walked back from Plakaki. Luis, as is his tradition, had gone into the camping to find Ursula who was in the loo. He waited patiently until Ursula and Heidi emerged. They joined us later. Obi did not appear at the end of the walk but was to be found curled up on the rear bench of the van.

As we were nearing the end of the walk, Isabella and Sasha streaked off, and I presumed they would find Heidi, Luis and Ursula. Apparently, a couple were running along the water’s edge but they left them alone to head back to find Ursula. We turned around, and all, minus Obi, went back to the end of the Promontory for a while before returning to the camping for a rest.

I paused before riding off to Paleochora then went up the mountain and around my familiar route. There was no need to try to find the tax office as Bruna, having completed her early-morning food preparation duty, would deliver them. Maria seemed less certain of the location of the office than previously.

I stopped briefly at reception after my ride as Maria had some important activities she wished to attend to but she wasn’t very long. The dogs were then released and fed once I’d reclaimed Luis who’d been keeping Heidi company. Once more, he’d managed to get halfway across the field before doubling back to find Ursula and Heidi.

I made tea and sat down for a while in deep contemplation which was interrupted by either Maria or Bona or both. There was also a brief chat to the customers located by the lamp pole as there was only one electricity meter. I gave meter ‘Y’ to the Slovenians parked at the end of the centre road. There are now more motorhomes and vans than tents which is par for the course at this time of the year.

The remainder of the day was taken up with tracking the progress of the arrivals, clearing some rubbish from the compound, getting a shower and chatting with Ursula.

Later, I was in the office with Litsa but could see the car approaching on the GPS so went to the gate to welcome them. Maria was busy with Georgos who’d come for some math coaching. I ushered them down to T5 where, after a tour of the facilities, we agreed to meet for food at 19:30. Meanwhile, I went back to the dogs leaving only Sasha, Isabella and Obi outside. As far as I know, they remained tolerably quiet.

We munched a good selection of food before retiring for the night. The travellers were tired even though it was only 19:00 as far as they were concerned. We tend to go to bed fairly early anyway.

Warm and sunny with occasional clouds. Tomorrow may produce a little moisture in the afternoon.

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