Noisy Frogs

Some noisy Frogs were splashing around quite late in the evening in the pool outside one of the CBVillas. I thought we’d been invaded again.

Our walks went according to plan so Obi was keeping with me for a change. The previous day he was sitting comfortably in the van when we got back.

I went on a mission to get a little shopping but forgot to get weed for Bona. Fortunately, I had a spare pack floating around which would stave off her addition for a few moments longer. I unloaded most of the shopping at T5 retaining a few carrots for the DDs.

With the dogs fed, I started the DDs but became distracted, just for a change. I had a couple of IT items to deal with so started on them once I had some tea.

The day was a bit of a mixture as there was the threat of rain in the forecast. Some moisture fell as we were having tea late afternoon.

I’d left myself a little late to process the DDs, feed the animals and get a shower before going out. Even so, by the time I walked to Grameno Restaurant, everyone had arrived IN THEIR CARS(!!) so I wasn’t late.

I made the mistake of sitting in the middle of the table with Janne to my left and Tony to my right. Not that there was a problem with either of them as individuals. It was just that I found myself surrounded, with no easy escape, by other members of the party who were devouring what appeared to be a comprehensive list of animal corpses. I felt a little like a non-smoker forced to sit in the smoking area of a long-haul flight. Counting the minutes until touchdown when fresh air would at last pour through the exit door. I’ve come to the conclusion that eating with carnivores is henceforth to be avoided.

Janne and I managed to stagger the interminable distance back to the camping as the other members of the party swept past in their vehicles. We lingered a few moments to take in the unpleasant odour which wafted gently towards us from the main poo tank not far from the entrance. I joined Erica and Janne for tea remaining until just short of midnight despite the protestations of various animals nearby.

When I eventually returned, I released the dogs for a few minutes and then went to bed.

A rather mixed day with a couple of very brief showers.


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