Flat Batteries

The morning arrived quickly, around five hours after I closed my eyes. I managed to get the dogs out in good time so we strode off into the darkness along the beach. No cars in the car park just the same vans parked along the beach road. It was a pleasant temperature and very dark so there was a fine display of stars to gaze at.

Quite soon, we were crunching our way up the beach to Plakaki and back. I found myself not concentrating very hard on the dogs or walking but they all dutifully arrived at Plakaki for biscuits.

We’d completed our walk so were on our way back to the camping when I received a message from Eleanor who’d missed us due to the dodgy GPS. I turned the dogs around to find Ursula and Heidi arriving from the camping so we all went back to the end for a wander over the rocks. Obi, we discovered, had cut short the walk and was to be found wagging furiously as we came back into the compound. Eleanor made a fuss of him then went off to find some coffee whilst I got on my bike to ride into Paleochora.

Due to the late night revelry with the neighbours, I’d forgotten to charge the bike batteries which were consequently very low. I turned off the motor to save the battery for running the lights and the odometer. I adopted the cycle track as progress would be a little slow along the road. I visited the periptero to renew Bona’s weed supply then turned round to cycle back to the camping. Fortunately, there was no wind so I took it easy and enjoyed the view. It’s harder riding the bike with two flat batteries and soggy tyres. The tyres are now properly inflated so I’ll be flying tomorrow with full batteries, harder tyres and a lubricated chain.

There was a brief stop at the reception to collect some invoices and talk to Maria at which point Bona had caught up with me.

It was now much warmer. I released the dogs and fed them noticing that I’d not yet received the dog food I ordered the day before. Luckily, I’d not run out however it turned up later in the day.

I made some tea, exercised my brain then got on with Mr Broking’s Web page. There was no longer any excuse as he’d sent me the professional association logos I needed to finish the page. The page is now operational. He’s recently had a printer problem so decided to replace his aging model to find that the replacement was also being difficult. We ended up swapping back the printers, exchanging the USB cable and reinstalling the drivers. Now, for some reason, the old printer is functioning ok. We’ll leave it a couple of days and take a view.

I had other IT jobs to do as I don’t plan to renew my TeamViewer licence this year. I’m probably going to go back to Microsoft Remote Desktop via VPNs. It’s not quite as convenient as TeamViewer but is free whereas TeamViewer is quite expensive. I need to make some changes before my licence runs out though. Once set up, it should be reasonably straightforward for 95% of my needs.

Later, I wandered down to the kitchen to collect some food. It appears that Petra has gone to a wedding in Romania so Manos served me a good portion of gigantes.

Today has been a little warmer than yesterday and certainly sunnier.

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