All Charged Up

Luis responded to a nearby pussy event at 04:30 which was when my day began. I wasn’t going back to sleep so gave up the unequal struggle and took out the dogs.

It was unusually warm and humid so a polo shirt and shorts were just fine. Only Luis didn’t make it to the rocks as he’d diverted his attention to visiting Heidi and Ursula which seems to have become his fixation. The little devil has a mind of his own with plenty of ploys to get to do what he wants. This morning, he was particularly vocal and managed to set off Georgia’s dogs too. Fortunately, Ursula took him out with Heidi even though she wasn’t ready to leave.

Most of the remainder managed to get to Plakaki for biscuits but it was still dark by the time we were back on the Promontory. It was only once I’d deposited the boys, minus Luis, in the van, that it started to be light enough to see without the help of a torch. The field is particularly difficult since it was cleared in preparation for the building project which never actually materialised.

Ursula and Heidi were slightly ahead of us as we reached the Promontory. Isabella had been particularly energetic getting me to throw the ball even before we were out of the gate! Seeing as she had the bit between her teeth, I left Ursula to wander with Heidi at their own speed and took the two girls via The Small Beach over the rocks and back down just as Heidi and Ursula arrived.

We did a good amount of ball-throwing one way or another with the two of them ending up swimming in the lagoon. Around Eight, I took the girls back as I wanted to ride my bike, buy bread and get the ingredients for the DDs tomorrow. The was also the matter of a small roll of kitchen paper.

My ride was smooth and easy as I’d just lubricated the chain, pumped up the tyres and had charged batteries. The mountain didn’t seem quite so steep today. Petrakis wasn’t too busy so I was in and out quite quickly and on my way back. I dropped off some croissants at T5 then went back to put the frozen chicken in the freezer. I then fed the dogs and made some tea after I’d cleared up from the night before.

With the end of the month looming, I got together with the supplier invoices and then went to the office to pick up some more. I dropped into T5 for a chat and then came back to finish off ready for the month’s end.

I went down via Ursula to pick up my mushroom stew. If only this had been added to the menu earlier in the season as it makes for a welcome change!

Janne has bought 25m of 2.5mm cable so that I can replace the thinner cable I installed for the trial run, so-to-speak. We will make time to pull the new cable through the water pipe, under the decking and back to my fuse box.

Today started off warm and humid with very little wind. The sea is quite calm so the beach has been relatively busy.


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