Welcome to October

Another pussy event triggered Luis around 03:00 and I was too hot anyway. I got up and put the fan heater at the foot of my bed to blow cool air over me and thus I fell asleep until the alarm at 05:05.

1st October began warm with a gentile breeze enough to keep the mosquitoes busy at least. Luis was on a lead so progress was desultory despite my entreaties. He didn’t want to be on the lead and he didn’t want to be with me. He wanted only mooch around the bar/restaurant areas looking for scraps whilst waiting for Ursula, with the possibility of the occasional cat to bark at. So he was dragging his arse and being as difficult as he could manage.

We were joined by Eleanor as we walked towards Plakaki. This lifted Luis’ mood as she was far more interesting than me: we made better progress, even on the beach. For once, all seven were present at the other side of Azzuro where I doled out biscuits. We started back, this time along the water’s edge since Luis is more motivated at the thought of going back, so nearer to home.

Ursula and Heidi appeared as we walked up the east side of the Promontory so Luis was finally able to be with Heidi. We spent some while at the end of the Promontory where the dogs lay or dug in the sand and played together. Eleanor and I started off back to the camping with Luis reluctantly following, however, he made it back before Oskar who I let in a little later.

I relaxed a little before riding to Paleochora over Panorama. It was 30ºC so I missed out the mountain and stopped for a swim on the way back. It was past eleven when I left the beach after drying off in the sun for a little while. I passed by T5 and dribbled on their decking for a few minutes before returning to feed the dogs and get a cup of tea.

I seem to have lost a bit of the morning so it was gone one when I got the DDs on the go. Not so much of a good idea as it’s still hot when I come to process it. I made up a load for the washing machine with the assistance of the occupants of T5. I amused myself with some of the cameras as the one in the washing machine room is still not connected properly.

Once the wash was complete, I shared it out and hung it up as now I don’t need to search for another sheet to make up my bed later.

With the DDs processed and their rice on, I gathered up the food container and set off via Ursula to the kitchen. Eleanor and I joined Tony, Ursula and Heidi for a cup of ten then Heidi and Tony went for a little walk on the beach. I picked up my food, fed the dogs and cleared up whilst my peas, potatoes and carrots reheated in The Pot. I need to make up a salad and then I’m good to go!

The last of the warm, still, sunny days as it becomes more unsettled for a few days with wind bringing cooler temperatures. An opportunity for a little exploration once the days are less warm.

I understand the bar will remain open until 15 October however I’m not entirely convinced especially as the weather is changing.

Monthly summary for September 2022
Daily summary for 1 October. Just 0.5ºC warmer than yesterday.

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