Windier and cooler

Some Local Loonies with their hairdryers were abroad at silly o’clock making a racket on the Alonaki Beach Road. Fortunately, they were gone by the time we were out. Isabella swapped with Sasha to take the chair outside. Sasha loves to wag her tail at the slightest provocation hitting it against the hollow wooden door or the metal case of the heater. The more I comment, the faster and more vigorously she wags. Not so cunning early on a Sunday morning.

It was lighter than of late and quite warm as there was little wind to begin with. I decided to moor Luis at the end of the Promontory to prevent him from joining Ursula and Heidi in the camping. His progress is so deliberately slow that I can’t be doing with it. Consequently, he found himself tied to a bush until we came back some forty-five minutes later. He wasn’t too chuffed when we left but was quiet by the time we returned. At least I didn’t have to drag him to Plakaki and back. Obi, on the other hand, made it to Plakaki without problems just sheered off as he passed the field to take himself home. He was to be found wagging energetically as I returned later with the rest.

I took Isabella and Sasha out straight after meeting up with Eleanor in the car park. We had the ball-thrower so Isabella was able to race around to expend some energy with her wing-man. We walked up the Promontory together until Isabella picked to the scent of Heidi or Isabella causing them to dash off into the distance. They were leaping around as we arrived full of the joys of autumn.

There was plenty of activity ending up in the lagoon with both of them swimming to retrieve the ball and generally have fun. Heidi, meanwhile, was amusing herself in her own way taking little notice of everyone else.

I left Eleanor to walk back with Ursula and Heidi. We went via Alonaki where the two of them swam once more whilst I picked up some plastic and shoreline litter in a conveniently washed-up polythene bag. Using one piece of refuse to pick up the remainder.

Having deposited the girls, I left some fags for Bona hanging on the line in the storeroom as I knew she was bound to want some whilst I was out.

I rode over Panorama but not the mountain as the westerly wind was becoming stronger. I stopped for bread and croissants: sadly, the plain ones were sold out so I was forced to get large chocolate ones! We shared the loaf. I shopped at Petrakis for some veg as Chris had asked me to get some green beans. I bought some other stuff for the DDs and myself.

The ride back was into the wind so required some assistance. Maria had contacted me to tell me she was unable to connect to Grammeno WiFi so I suggested she restart her laptop which did the trick. I stopped to pick up some invoices on my way through.

My next stop was T5 to deliver, croissants, bread and beans: the dogs were next on the agenda as the boys had been in a while due to the extended second walk.

For the rest of the day I kept myself busy writing to Zampetas, the company that supplied the awning and tent sides in August 2016. I thought I might ask if the sides and front are available separately and what they might cost. I only need those bits as I have the permanent awning. It might provide a simple solution to my winter problem.

I tidied some stuff, cleaned some stuff and chopped my hair as it had been a while. Later, I went for an eco shower before visiting the kitchen via Tony, Ursula and Heidi. Terry and Eleanor were also passing on their way back from the beach. Tonight is fassolakia.

It has been windy but not cold with plenty of sunshine. There was limited beach activity but with Sandra and Sonja set to arrive later this evening, things will doubtless change.

Windy but sunny and warm. Less warm than the past few days but that is the trend.


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