Obi and Sasha had new batteries in their flashing lights so were easily identifiable as we wandered up towards the Promontorie’s end. Luis was picking up thorns and even Isabella hobbled over to me later on. We parked Luis in the same location and crossed the rocks. Iera was lurking in the beach car park altering the male/female balance a little.

Halfway to Plakaki I received a message from Eleanor so she met us as we were halfway back and joined us for the rest of the walk. Ursula and Heidi appeared as we walked back down the Promontory so we joined them and went back to the end to explore. We climbed the rocks, they bathed in the lagoon and generally wandered around. Iera elected to stay when we decided to go back.

I rode to Paleochora, up the mountain and then over Panorama stopping at the bakery for some pies and some bread. I will visit Petrakis tomorrow for ingredients for the DDs. The way back was easier than I’d expected so I was soon dropping off the pies and some bread at T5.

The dogs fed, I made some tea and had a rest. Some admin required my attention including some supplier invoices. I know that Maria plans to pay some of the suppliers.

I went to see Sonja and Sandra and joined them for a cup of tea. We had a good catch-up and they expressed their happiness at being back. They said they felt immediately at home which is helpful for a comparatively short stay.

My next visit was to T5 and then back to the dogs as they were getting noisy due to the presence of my northerly neighbour.

I joined Tony and Ursula briefly on my way to the kitchen. Ursula had been to Paleochora and bought some new Crocks. She’d also been to Heike’s pet shop which is apparently changing hands. There is a 50% off sale!

Petra is back in the kitchen after her trip to Romania so was able to serve me with my evening meal. There have not been many customers so staff are sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Manos tells me his father is unwell so he’s keen to go back home to help out. He’s been in the camping almost constantly since April.

Warm and sunny with a little wind.


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