Cable pulling

I’m told there was a dog-event around 04:45 which might explain why I was awake before the alarm. I didn’t hear the event as I suspect it was Georgia’s dogs as we found Iera later on the Promontory. If she’d wandered into the camping in search of anything she could find, this may have caused the event.

I got up and cancelled my alarm as I saw no point in staying in bed any longer. Soon after, we were on our way to the Promontory with Luis off the lead. However, I stopped regularly to ensure he was still following at a suitable distance so hadn’t buzzed off into the camping or other undesirable location. He even kept up over the rocks so was rewarded with biscuits with the others.

He nearly made it to Plakaki and was happy when Eleanor appeared as we were walking back. Ursula and Heidi was already at the end of the Promontory when we arrived via the rocks. As well as Iera we had Oskar as he was just coming back into the compound as we were going out. Eleanor went back with Ursula and Heidi: I returned Oskar, Isabella and Sasha to the camping then went off on my bike.

I went over Panorama via the mountain. I stopped at Anatoli for bread and pies then Petrakis for stuff for DDs and myself including large olives from Kalamata. I believe the pies were suitably tasty.

I ended up chatting to the neighbours so it was a while before I had my cup of tea. We agreed to pull the new wire later. I fed the dogs, made the DDs, hung a load of towels for Bona and then delivered bread, olives and sea salt to the inmates at T5. It was a longer while until I sat down for a cup of tea.

Janne, Erica and I pulled the new, 2.5mm cable through the collection of pipes I’d put the original in. This cable was physically larger so getting it through the pipe was not straightforward and took a lot of effort. I have now passed the new cable under the decking via a more sensible route with only a couple of meters over. I’m sure that will come in useful at some point. I then swapped over the electricity to Grid to power the WiFi and cameras for the camping before dismantling the fusebox to connect the larger cable. I will need to collect up the temporary cable which is still strewn about the SDC.

I put up another load of washing for Bona then processed the DDs before putting on the doggy rice and dropping in on Tony and Ursula for a cup of tea on my way to collect food from the kitchen. Today, it’s fakes and oven potatoes with the obligatory salad, bread etc.

I’d just fed the dogs when Noisy and his eldest brother arrived to borrow a lead for Maya who’d decided to join the remainder of the family at the camping. They went off only to return minutes later to ask if Maya could have a play-date with Sasha.

Maya was straight into the water bowl followed by the blue bath both of which I’d cleaned out and refilled the previous day so were brimming. Noisy and I dodged the sand and water thrown up by the ‘sisters’. Noisy locked himself in the SDC at one point to be away from the crazies. Eventually, the other brother returned so they left with Maya as I imagine they have school tomorrow.

I went for an ECO shower to wash off the grot from today as well as the sand and water showered on me by the cavorting crazies.

My evening plans were set back so I have yet to prepare my food. Fortunately, my fakes and oven potatoes are keeping hot in the Pot however I have yet to prepare a salad to accompany it. Sasha is banished outside as she’s wet and very sandy. There is a dog at the door which I suspect is Isabella but I can’t let in one without the other.

I appear to have mislaid my normal glasses so am having to write this using my prescription sunglasses with is less than convenient at this time of day. Hopefully, the others will turn up as well as the Italian ones from Francesco. They are my new prescription so I’ll actually be able to see!

Windy and cooler this morning as I adopted a fleece between the walks and am wearing it again now. Otherwise, sunny and warm,

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