It was a blanket night to begin with however I didn’t need it later on. We were up before the alarm, for some reason, to find Iera outside the gate. Her presence was detected only after she’d been there a while.

There was a brisk wind and it was cooler so I was pleased to have a polo shirt and a fleece. Luis was following me until the Promontory so I went ahead assuming (!) he’d follow only not to see him until we were on the way back from Plakaki. Eleanor was waiting in the beach car park so was officially ’dogged’ once they locked on to her. Obi was elsewhere to be found later on the beach by Ursula when she went swimming. She fostered him until I collected him later.

We walked the second walk having crossed paths with Ursula and Heidi on the way back from the first. We played ball with the two of them ending up in the lagoon. We still managed to get back with two balls even having left one in the lagoon. Eleanor and ursula came back with Heidi and I with Sasha, Isabella and Iera. We met Xanthippos who was bemoaning the fact that Iera had been lurking in the car park the previous day. Not such a problem in the winter but more of a nuisance during the season. They don’t know she’s completely harmless.

I put Iera on a lead to mollify Xanthippos then phoned her master to collect her. I amused myself picking up the poo and decommissioning the temporary link cable to Janne and Erica whilst waiting. I finally left Iera with the others to cycle up the mountain stopping only at the bakery for a loaf. Iera had be reacquired by my return.

Janne had some laundry to do so I checked the machine to find it had a few towels which I hung up. I put in their first load and went back to feed dogs and drink tea. Maria arrived with a parcel containing my electric vest for the winter. The power pack will arrive under separate cover as batteries require certain safety precautions in the mail. The vest looks the business and Maria was determined I should unwrap it for her to see. Apparently, she’d not encountered the concept of a heated vest before.

Bona, despite being happy I’d dried her towels, was having a little moan: wages, hours, conditions and so-on. I explained the unfairness of life towards workers in her position. For her, the alternative is the greenhouses where the pay is slightly better but the work arduous, dangerous because of the chemicals and unpleasant because of the tomatoes. In compensation for monopolising the machine, I agreed to load and dry some sheets later.

The camping has been invaded by campers and motorhomes so Maria has been shoehorning them in. I got involved, initially through the deployment of meters and then positioning the vans. There are more than were here over Christmas.

Fika time arrived which coincided with my delivery of the second wash. Thus, I had the pick of the chairs and a cup of tea as compensation. The others arrive however Chris measured her length having tripped on one of the uneven rocks in front of T1. I went to get some medicinal alcohol and some plasters. Otherwise, Fika was very pleasant until I left to deal with dogs after the arrival of my neighbour and his dog.

Some more messing about with customers and meters and then I slipped down to the kitchen to collect Gigantes. I mentioned they were on the menu to Ursula who was considering her options having watched Tony stuff his face with biscuits at Fika earlier.

I fed the dogs and have now ground to a halt. Fortunately, it’s not too warm or I’d fall asleep!

A chilly and windy start followed by plenty of sunshine but windy again later.


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