Practice Day

Even though I was in bed by ten, the night seemed quite short. It was blowy when I woke up but actually not that bad once out. It was warmer too.

I mislaid Luis quite early on but I don’t think he caused any disturbance before meeting up with Ursula. Eleanor met up as we completed the second loop of the Promontory.

We went back with the dogs and then out again with the two girls. Luis was with Ursula and Heidi who we met at the end on the sandy bit. Isabella and Sasha did some running around after the ball and Isabella swam in the lagoon not to get the ball which has been there for a couple of days.

I took Sasha, Isabella and Luis back while Eleanor followed with Heidi and Ursula. I then went on my bike up the mountain to Paleochora stopping for bread and veg from Petrakis. Maria called to say she was unwell and couldn’t continue at the office.

Once back, I checked out a couple of punters and then another with the assistance of Maria. There was a number of arrivals mostly singles with motorhomes. Georgia passed to deal with some admin and Maria languished in her boudoir.

Meanwhile, Janne and Erica were completing their packing up operation and preparing for their departure. Following the spate of five arrivals, the remainder of the day was uneventful other than to say goodbye to the neighbours.

The doggy dinners were cooked and processed despite the interruptions and Maria reports that she’s now well but will resume her duties tomorrow morning. Hopefully, there will be no arrivals this evening so I can recover from my practice day.

The forecast rain turned out to be a few short showers although there was a certain amount of wind. There were still people swimming so the sea is warm enough.

I’m looking forward to returning to my post as layabout tomorrow.

Windy and Chilly with occasional very light showers.

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