It took a little while to get organised as I’d left my torch outside so spent time looking for it, also, the collars were not well organised.

It was a little blowy but not cold. Luis departed very early on and will be disappointed tomorrow morning when Heidi and Ursula will not be at the bar to accompany him across the beach.

Walking up to Plakaki was straightforward and Eleanor came to meet us as we walked back. Together, we took the dogs back over the rocks and then to the camping. Luis was walking with Ursula and Heidi towards the car park but came back with the others. Not a very demanding excursion for him today.

Eleanor, the girls and I walked to the lagoon to join Ursula and Heidi. Sasha and Isabella ran around for the ball eventually ending up swimming in the lagoon together. We left Eleanor to walk back with Heidi and Ursula.

I rode my bike up the mountain and around Paleochora with no stops today as nothing was needed. It was an easy run as it wasn’t windy however I need to charge the batteries tonight or it will be difficult tomorrow.

Maria was back in the office as I went to drop off the supplier invoices which I hurriedly entered into the spreadsheet. I just love these arbitrary deadlines!

I spent much of the day messing with an iPhone given to me to look at days ago. I don’t think I’m going to have any luck with it. My more important task was to update the servers at Inter Sport as there is a number of patches to apply. Exchange also needs its certificate updated but I do that once it’s fully patched. My job for tomorrow as Sunday is a quiet day for emails. I see the security updates are applied so just need to restart to complete the installation.

It’s been cooler and a little windy although not cold. Tomorrow should be a little warmer with less wind.


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