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I watched an interesting documentary on the James Webb Space Telescope. It’s the replacement to the Hubble Space Telescope and uses Infrared technology which allows it to see back in time to the beginning of the Universe. I then retired to bed. A good collection of mosquitoes had been circling around all evening which was particularly annoying. It didn’t take long and I was falling asleep under the protection of my nocturnal mosquito protection.

The neighbour’s dog was a little vocal at times as I suspect his owner had tied him up then gone out. I wasn’t entirely sure as I could also hear music but then I leave the radio on for the dogs too.

We were up and out in reasonable time although I found myself wearing the wrong shoes. I knew there was a part of my early morning protocol which hadn’t been correctly executed. It may have been due to an interruption in the form of getting a battery to charge for my bike as I’d forgotten to put them on charge during the night.

Luis was with me and on a lead as I didn’t want him to vainly wander off to hang around Ξ3 or the bar in the hope of finding Ursula and Heidi. He spent much of his time tied to a tree until rescued later by Eleanor. The prospect of doing the entire walk at Luis pace didn’t do it for me.

Eleanor joined us for the last part of the first and the second walk. The sky was cloud-free and the moon was bright. We spent a while watching the moon set as well as the sun rise, a little later. Isabella and Sasha ran around madly, more madly that usual. They both went into the sea after the ball.

I went up the mountain on my bike and then to Anatoli for a loaf and an apple pie for Eleanor. I passed Yiannis Petrakis for the THIRD time as I rode back. He’d run from Paleochora to Kountoura and back, passed me again as I came down from Panorama and for the last time as he was running back home (I guessing). Yiannis is quite a serious runner.

I dropped off the pastry and some bread to the inmates of T5 then went back to feed dogs and make tea. The important theme for the day has been to update the Inter Sport servers and renew the Exchange Certificate for another year. Even though it’s a five year certificate, it needs renewing each year to remain valid. A pain in the bottom but not too arduous once you get the hang of it. As I discovered, it’s important to create the CSR on the server and not use the pre-prepared version from the supplier site. Must remember this for next year!

I found time to meet up with Tony, Ursula and Heidi who were clearing out Ξ3. I carted stuff to the storeroom and removed the rubbish bag. There was not the usual amount of items to move. They are off to visit the island and then return to the mainland.

I managed to clean my mosquito capturing device seeing as there are so many at present, it would be good to try to reduce numbers if possible. I also vacuumed the van a little. Nothing too adventurous.

Petra was getting rid of the last of the fassolakia so I will not have a shortage to food to eat later.

There’s rather a lot of wagging and fussing so I suspect the Doggy Rice is ready…

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