Grand Departures

We returned at around 21:45 from a pleasant meal at ThirdEye. Somewhat marred by 5€ on the bill for two bottles of water!

The neighbour’s dog was vocal but made little noise during the night as far as I could tell. Only Sasha woofed a couple of times is response to pussy whining when I was getting the others ready.

The morning was lit by filtered moonlight as the sky was covered by a thin layer of mackerel clouds. There was a good number of stars and the moon, once free of the clouds, provided plenty of light.

Eleanor met us as we walked back from Plakaki. Luis had stopped complaining by the time we arrived at the sandy bit. We avoided the rocks as it was Eleanor’s last day so a trip on the rocks would have been a big inconvenience.

The second walk was equally pleasant and also rock-free. Isabella and Sasha charged around after the ball but the one on the rock at the lagoon is still there.

Eleanor went off to finish her packing as the plan was to leave around nine. We had a brief chat, put some sea salt into a poo bag, and they were on their way to Souda just after nine. A slight holdup as some pillock had closed the padlock on the other gate!

I cleared out T5 with Bona who was delighted by the gratuity and the contents of the fridge. I then went off on my bike up the mountain with a quick stop at Petrakis. Having inherited bananas I felt it might be a good time to make some banana bread. I’d not made any for months so the plastic containers of dried fruit and nuts needed emptying as the little creatures had taken over and the contents spoiled. I bought new in Petrakis as the winter is the favourite time for dried fruit and nuts.

Sonja and Sandra were on the beach enjoying a last swim and lounge in the sun so I joined them for a little while before saying goodbye. They plan to return around the same time next year but with a tent. They flew back to Germany as they need to go back to work.

The production of Banana Bread and clearing and cleaning of containers engulfed much of the remainder of the day. I made a point of mentioning the water when telling Petra where we’d been. I had to confess to having eaten elsewhere. Nevertheless, she gave me a ginormous portion of Gigantes as well as patatoules! The expensive water story should be all over Paleochora by morning at the latest!

Bona had given me a load of sheets to dry as she was concentrating on towels as she had another group to cater for tonight. I suspect the restaurant will close after the second group leaves.

The day has been very still and equally warm. I was trying to make time to get into the sea but the day ran away with me.

Goodbye to all departees: I shall miss you all until the next time…

Some cloud at first then warm and sunny with hardly a breath of air until evening. Tomorrow might be cloudy but Friday looks like rain at this point in time.


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