End of Term Sale

The night was punctuated by racket from the group staying in the tents opposite the kitchen. Initially, they restricted their noise to the bar/restaurant areas but then moved further up the camping. They managed to annoy several customers and I was woken up more than once. I’m not sure where they came from but hopefully, they will not return.

It was mild and bright as we walked towards the Promontory. Initially, Luis was not on the lead but was dragging his arse so I hooked him on and sped him up. He didn’t seem to complain much when I left him tied to the tree.

A tripod was planted in the beach at Alonáki with a man and a couple of fishing rods as we made our way back. He seemed pleased to have Isabella, Skinny and Sasha to help him albeit briefly as I called them to me.

I came out with Sasha, Isabella and the ball-thrower afterwards and carried the latter around with me to no purpose. The ball on the rock in the lagoon has disappeared and was not evident when we searched around. Isabella had failed to locate her ball as we left and I felt disinclined to give her a sparkly new one.

I went quite early into Paleochora via the mountain, passing the man with the dog on both occasions. It was good to be out in the coolness of the morning and earlier at the bakery where I picked up bread.

I trained my brain and meditated before releasing and feeding the dogs. Their food had run out so I put in a new bag and filled up their plastic containers as it’s easier to dispense it that way. I made tea and chilled in the sunshine.

The morning was not very demanding but passed quickly and pleasantly. Maria, who was on the beach, contacted me to ask if I’d welcome a couple in a camper van. She confessed why when I met her later. A French couple with quite a demanding woman who was very much in control. Initially, I spoke English then changed into French for the practice. They eventually found a spot which suited them and I directed the woman to the office to sign-in with Maria who had come back from the beach.

Later, Maria alerted me to the fact that the bar and restaurant were closing and she seemed quite upset for some reason. I would have thought she’d be delighted as it signals the end of her tenure and freedom at last. For her at least.

Petra furnished me with three day’s worth of meals with some extra potatoes on the side. From then on, I’ll have to be more diligent with my shopping and actually prepare something to eat each day. At least I have three days to think about it.

The weather has been fine with only a couple of cloudy intervals near the middle of the day. The rain forecast for Friday and Saturday looks likely from the afternoon on but probably mostly during the night. Just as the bar and restaurant are being packed up. Unless they really move themselves and get most of it done tomorrow and Friday morning. Then where will Bona hang the sheets to dry?

Judging by the missing readings, it would appear that the power was off during the night. I noticed the lights on the WiFi blinking which is usually a give away. There was a little doggy activity due to the marauders.

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