Slow Decline

I watched a couple of episodes of Lenny Henry as ’Chef’ in the series of that name. It really made me laugh!

No drunken Poles in the night so a reasonably decent night’s sleep until Isabella et al got the fidgets approaching getting up time.

I was reasonably well organised so we were out fairly promptly. Luis and I walked as far as the tree on the sandy bit where he remained until we returned from Plakaki. That said, he dillied and dallied coming back from the first walk so found himself press-ganged into going out again with Isabella and Sasha. Funnily, he managed to make a good job of keeping up and actually stirred his little stumps.

I rode off up the mountain stopping for bread at Anatoli and carrots at Petrakis. The ride back was speedy and pleasant.

I sat and trained my brain and fell asleep leaving the mob inside the van until I was refreshed and ready to release and feed them. The neighbour’s dog was still in residence.

The morning didn’t amount to much other than Bona giving me a bag of washing to dry and me trying to see where my battery pack has got to on the way from China.

Later, Maria asked if I’d look after the reception for an hour or so whilst she went to the beach. Initially, we agreed 14:30 but it was more like four when she finally got there and was called away to eat with the other staff in the restaurant shortly after. There was one arrival: a Czech couple with a motorhome for only one night. I showed them the camping and put them in Bay two leaving Maria to deal with the admin.

I had an interesting chat with a German couple who own a camping. They asked if it was my camping but I replied I only look after the winter season.

I have the second of my meals to eat this evening. The DDs have been processed and I think their rice is ready so I can feed them and then myself.

The day turned out pleasantly warm with loads of sunshine and little wind. The forecast for tomorrow still talks about rain from the evening through Saturday and possibly Sunday, remaining unsettled on Monday.

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