I humoured myself with more Lenny Henry then went to bed. I had to let Isabella out around three as she had more than just the fidgets and required to make a deposit. She remained outside as I went back to bed with no interesting in her coming back in.

It seemed quite warm as I prepared the dogs however I was pleased to be wearing a thicker fleece and Luis and I wandered at a leisurely place southward on the Promontory.

There was not a single road vehicle in the car park or on the beach road as we walked up. Just a sizeable RIB pulled up on the beach.

I jokingly sent this picture to Francesco as he wants a bigger RIB. I think this one is a well-known brand so wonder who left it dragged up onto the shoreline.

A small tent was nestled amongst some of the Tamarisk trees pretending not to be there. The dogs knew better so were sniffing around with interest.

Luis was pleased as I released him from the tree although he engineered a place on the second walk by hanging back as I put the others inside. He kept up and out of the way as Isabella and Sasha fooled around and ran for the ball. I relented and gave a new ball today.

I cycled up the mountain and through Paleochora on my usual route forgetting to call in at the Periptero for some coffin nails for Bona. I must remember tomorrow or she’ll be desperate.

The morning was quite warm and sunny but, as predicted, the weather deteriorated as time wore on with even some hints of moisture in the air. I was outside pruning the carobs in the SDC as passing through wet carob is not my idea of fun. I also picked up some poo as soggy poo is equally satisfying.

I wandered the camping collecting up electricity meters which no longer served a useful purpose as there has been the the usual Friday exodus. That said, there are plenty of vans still here as they are now allowed to park on the beach front as there are very few tents.


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