The wind abated in the evening so the night was calm as was the early morning. Just a light breeze and a few spots of rain as we walked to Plakaki and back.

Miss Marple kept me amused for much of the evening as she solved the mystery of the stolen diamond. It turned out to be Edward J Fox as Caterham. A complicated story told in Chimneys, the family pile.

We managed to get nearly all of the dogs back at the end of the first walk, only Oskar was adrift. I knew where he was as he’d found the bone discarded by Isabella a day or so previously. He kept with his bone until the end of the second walk when he walked back with the two girls.

I had a quick foray to the reception to help Maria with her pussy. She’d fed it and then kept it locked in the reception overnight. It legged it out of the door when I tried to enter but I reacquired it and put it in the waiting cat transit box. Maria was suitably pleased so I left her talking to it. I arranged for Antonis to collet the black cat in the box then return the tabby from the day before. He had four cats for sterilisation of his own.

I went up the mountain and to Anatoli on a rather blowy ride. Even so, I managed to go during the quieter period of the day. I collected a loaf and then rode back to find that Antonis had collected the pussy. Maria was flitting around as usual.

I went back and fed the dogs before making some tea. I could see that the wind was getting up so I was glad I’d ridden when I did. I made up some fakes for later and then got on with some other bits and pieces. The morning passed leisurely by.

Antonis returned the pussies so Maria was happy. The rogue he delivered to me with some medication. Apparently, he/she/it needed several teeth extracted which explains why the cat is so thin. As to its reproductive status I remain uninformed. I have a little bottle of medication and need to feed the cat on soft food as it finds it painful to eat. Doubtless, it will be very hungry and will want to put on a little weight before the winter. It looks like I have another little friend despite being responsible for incarcerating the beast and sending it to the vet.

I spoke to Bona who is planning a family outing to Chania. She says that in all the years they’ve lived here they’ve not visited the city. I agreed to look after Maya in their absence which was the main purpose of the the conversation. She gets on well with all of the other dogs and is becoming more confident with them as she grows.

Some of the happy campers left which is common on a Monday. The French couple have moved on to Chania and have been replaced by another French couple who I’ve put in their place. Maria was having a kip so I sorted them out leaving them to register with Maria later.

I understand from Maria, who heard via Dimitris, that my Greek neighbour with the dog may have found accommodation in Azogires so could be leaving at the end of the month. It will not be too soon for me as I don’t like having a close neighbour outside of the busy season.

Maria should come out of hibernation soon as Georgos is coming for a math lesson. Hopefully, the French will remember to register.

A reasonably calm start to a windy but sunny day which felt quite cold.


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