Windy yet again

With strong gusts and raindrops flying past the reception cameras, my inclination to leave my pit evaporated. Even the dogs didn’t appear that interested. I spun it out and studied the forecasts so we were finally out around six. In a couple of weeks six will be five anyway.

We walked the first walk and the wind moderated meaning we weren’t blown back down the beach from Plakaki. We accomplished everything and walked back to the camping in almost still conditions. Only Oskar was missing as he was still messing with the bone.

Since the wind was quieter, it seemed like a good plan to ride my bike and take the girls later. Walking dogs in the wind is easier than riding a bike in a strong wind. There was more wind around Paleochora and it was building again as I came back having visited the mountain and Petrakis as I needed food for me.

I found Oskar sitting patiently by the inner gate which I’d left closed so I took him and the girlies for another walk together with the ball. Isabella wasn’t into rushing about so much today but she had a good run. Oskar pottered about, found the bone and generally amused himself. We were probably back around ten. I let them all out and fed them having been waylaid by Bona for obvious reasons.

Today has been an odd job day. I remembered I had a small battery pack so have been trying out my heated gilet. Three independently controlled areas with three setting levels. Shoulders and neck, lower back and abdomen. So far, I’ve tried out shoulders and neck as I forgot to protect my neck riding my bike the other day.

I’ve tidied stuff, thrown stuff away and consolidated. Not that anyone might notice…

Maria brought some papers for scanning and left them perched on top of a cat box in the storeroom. It is windy, so when I came to look for them, they were nowhere to be found. Leaving them next to the scanner might have been a cunning plan as I have to go there anyway to scan them. But she was trying to be considerate and helpful.

We’ve seen lots of sun but there’s also been loads of wind so the day has remained chilly. I need to get my head around external protection for the awning area as it’s starting to get chilly. I need to go inside and get something to eat.

Windy, then calm followed by more wind. The weather look a little unsettled until after the weekend.


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