M Poirot solved an interesting case of a man who was murdered in a large chest. There were foils involved as well as Hercule dancing The Charleston with his dinner guest. He looked more than a little uncomfortable. I finish up my evening’s entertainment with an episode from Fawlty Towers. The dining room doors.

I forgot to put on ’Strong Suck’ until this morning however there was a good selection of bugs most of which were of the biting kind. I’m sure the local environs must be on the verge of depletion now.

The moon was doing its best as we strode towards the rocks. There was a strong breeze which I noticed as I walked towards Plakaki. The sea has been busy reconfiguring the beach so now there is a convenient strip of sand where the shingle has been taken away. I noticed the river is having another cleaning and Bulldozer Man seemed hard at work as I passed later on my bike.

I took the girls out after the main walk. It was getting light and we witnessed the sunrise as we stood on the rocks. Isabella was preoccupied by the Big Bone, now somewhat reduced in size, which has taken it in turns to occupy the dogs. Probably better than the Smelly Fish found on the Big Beach earlier. I asked Isabella to leave it which she did albeit reluctantly so then Sasha picked it up and I went through the same process. Looking back a minute or so later I discovered Sasha was no longer near me. When called to me, she appeared with the Smelly Fish in her jaws. I asked her to leave it which she did although tempted to have another go once I’d moved on a little. We stood on the rocks for a short while then returned to the camping without the dreaded bone which lives to be chewed another day.

I rode up the mountain and to the bakery for a loaf. I decided to leave shopping in Petrakis until tomorrow as I had enough for today’s DDs. Maria was happy as I’d remembered to scan some documents for her. She just cannot or will not get her head around the scanning app on her laptop.

I fed dogs, drank tea and meditated a while before leaping into action to prepare the DDs. They have some beetroot leaves and stalks in stead of cabbage today which will make a change should they notice. They just seem to guzzle it down. Speaking to Bona later, she was telling me how difficult Maya is to feed. I suggested that a lone dog can afford to be choosy and is happy to make its owner jump through hoops to satisfy their every whim. Here, it’s the quick and the hungry as they have licence to seize any abandoned bowl so long as coercion is not employed and due process respected. She tells me she gives Maya a large tin of meat each day as it’s all she will eat. I replied she was happy to take doggy croquets from me having refused her gourmet meal the evening before. Maya guessed she might be hungry otherwise.

I came to the conclusion I might have to consider the possibility of emptying my Nature’s Head loo before too long as I’m finding it harder to turn the mixing handle after each performance. I understand that this is an indication that the moment might soon arrive. This time, I’m preparing the coconut fibre composting medium well in advance so that it’s properly dry when it’s the time to use it. I have a couple of tomato crates lined up to convert to a composting container where the proceeds will remain until they’ve finished processing. From there the rremains can be used for the flowers or scattered liberally under the trees.

I wandered the camping distributing electricity meters to all but one customer who said he was happy to fork out 5€/day even though he has a medium-sized van which will probably use only one tenth of that. Georgia will be happy anyway. It turns out that the couple work in a large camping with more than one thousand pitches. They are responsible for the restaurant so are only too pleased to have food thrust before them without all the complications of its preparation. I asked which part of Germany they come from as I didn’t recognise the ECK vehicle number plate. They were surprised when I said I’d spent time in Eckernförde which is north of Hamburg in Northern Germany. Silvio’s adoptive family was there which was the reason for my visit.

Having processed the DDs and prepared something for myself, I boldly split-infinitives to the ECO shower for a welcome indulgence. It’s been cold and windy the past couple of days with the possibility of only warm water. Not an encouraging combination.

With only six vans and T4 occupied, Maria is not rushed off her feet and Bona is only coming in the mornings now. She was hanging up sheets when we were talking.

Only a couple of weeks until the end of the month when I suspect Maria will disappear to try to find a teaching post.

A cool start with some wind which moderated as the day progressed. Not hot but warm enough for the punter with plenty of sunshine. They’re romping around half-naked and I’m in winter shorts and two fleeces. It’s past six and too chilly to be sitting out much longer


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