Washing Day

The day was heralded by the sound of the mosquitoes circling above me on the right side of the mosquito tent. There were too many to count. I’d been up around three to let Sasha out and narrowly avoided being turned into a meal by the masses circling above me. Both Skinny and Sasha went out and stayed that way until I put their collars on before the walks.

There is still plenty of moonlight. Even though there was little moon left, it is quite high in a clear sky with lots of stars. There are a few more days until the morning moon disappears.

I took the girls out with the ball-thrower and they had great fun both in and out of the sea. They swam at the Small Beach and again in the sea as we headed back. The ball and thrower were particularly busy on our way back.

I scooted off up the mountain and then to Petrakis for something to eat. The store was quite busy because there were loads of adolescent boys presumably shopping for unhealthy snacks to guzzle at school. I got what I needed and rode back to Grammeno.

I fed the creatures, made some tea and put some washing in the machine as I could see it was going to be a good drying day. Even at 20ºC my washing balls make a good job of getting all but persistent olive oil stains out. With the sun and later wind, everything has dried and been put away.

Antonis appeared with a dog lead and the wire display fridge shelf I used to incarcerate the pussy on Sunday. We had a chat and it transpired Antonis has been working in the restaurant owned by the guy with the dog next to me. Apparently, Antonis found himself in a situation during the summer. The boss was in Athens, the waiter had twisted something and the washer-uperer failed to show. Antonis was planning to close up shop but, whilst he was on the phone clearing his action with his boss, the restaurant developed several customers which Antonis served himself. He explained the situation and said it might take quite a while to serve them as he was alone. None left and some came back the following day.

Other excitements of the day included playing with the laundry room camera and coaxing it to attach itself to the camping’s CCTV system. I failed to take notes when I set it up initially and all information was lost when the old NVR conked out.

It became cooler and windier later in the day but fortunately everything on the line was dry or well on the way to being so.

Sasha had a particularly trying day as I kept moving her on each time she found a nice piece of free floor to lie on. I was either washing up, making tea or stripping or making my bed. She went to see if Isabella would play with her but she was not interested.

Despite the chilliness later on, the day was a little warmer than the previous. The next few days are looking stable with temperatures in the low twenties. Dye to the wind, I came in once the dogs were fed and I’d cleared up. Most are in with me now. Only Sasha is outside playing on her own perhaps with Oskar spectating.


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