Sasha needed to go out around three-thirty so I leapt up to let her out of the van before leaping back under cover of my insect tent to avoid exsanguination.

There was some wind as we crossed onto the road leading to the Promontory. I felt a certain chilliness too. The moon and stars were shining and the sky was clear. There were no vehicles in the beach car park just a large, German motorhome on the beach road. I returned at half-time with the correct number of dogs then set out with the girls and the ball.

Isabella was up for play today so there was plenty of rushing about by both dogs. It was still windy but warmer once the sun got going. They rushed off towards a gentleman clad in black who’d been watching the sunrise. His name is Richard and he comes from Ireland but currently living in London. He says he’s not had much luck lately and now feels that he’s of an age where he should quit work to lead a simple life and move to Crete. He’s staying in one of the new villas which were only recently completed. He invited me to come around for a nose about. Seems a likeable chap.

I took the girls back but decided it was too windy for cycling so trained my brain and drank tea instead. I’d drifted off to be brought to the present by Maria asking for electricity bills for one of the punters. A couple who stayed ten days but didn’t use much electricity.

I fed dogs and then decided I might like to add some more sockets inside the van as winter is coming and nearly all of the sockets are of the UK flavour. I’ve converted the seating area next to the sink to additional workspace seeing as I rarely need to seat six people and the dogs have destroyed the seat cushions anyway. Mostly Luis I should imagine but he had help. They were totally falling apart anyway so just too tempting to ignore.

I now have eight sockets adjacent to the sink area of which four are UK only and the other four are universal. I get fed up plugging in Strong Suck, the kettle and the cutter. So now the kettle resides on the former seating area together with the Instant Pot and Strong Suck which can also be put on the counter to be more attractive to insects. The amount of bodies I removed this morning was amazing.

Whilst grubbing around in the back of the under-seat storage area, I rediscovered my Estika LED scrolling message display device. We used it when selling cars parked in lay-bys all those years ago. I’m inclined to leave it in the office displaying phone numbers and helpful messages. It’s been taking up room in my van all these years so may as well perform a useful role in life.

Unfortunately, the instruction manual was not with the device so I spent quite a while remembering how to program it to continuously display a series of messages. It was quite entertaining learning how to use it again after some twenty years or so!

I hadn’t been out and needed bread so jumped on my bike for a quick there-and-back to Paleochora and the bakery. It was windier than in the morning contrary to the indication of the forecast. I rode part of the way along the cycle path and know where the most difficult parts of the road are anyway. I was back just in time to put on the Doggy Rice and finish off preparing a vat of Big Beans for me.

I cleared up the clutter and fed the dogs. The wind blows and all but Obi are inside. Obi still goes under the decking into his preferred Obi hole but will sleep under the awning when it’s colder and inside when it’s cold and wet. He’s always been an outside dog but likes to be inside during the day!

Wind has been the major theme of the day but it was warm when the sun was shining. The maximum wind gut was just under 70km/h.


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