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Bodie and Doyle amused me with another exciting episode of The Professionals. Even if the story may appear a little weak at times, I love to amuse myself recognising the cars in the inevitable street scenes and car-chases. The bad guys were in a Mk I Cortina, Triumph 2000 and a Jag Mk 10. They were intercepted by the police in three litre Rovers. Bodie and Doyle were in a souped up Triumph probably the Toledo. Martin Shaw looks very young and a long way from Inspector George Gently and Judge John Deed!

Mental note: make Sasha sleep outside at bedtime. For the second morning in a row, I’ve been woken up by Sasha wanting to go out. Not so much that, but demolishing the entire van and its contents with her tail as she is such a waggy dog! Having let her and her entourage, Skinny and Isabella out, I returned to bed to not sleep which I find particularly annoying when it’s so dark in the mornings. Going out any earlier would entail the whole walk taking place in darkness. Until Sasha’s bladder is better trained, out she goes at bedtime.

There was a Greek registered vehicle in the beach car park and a small tent next to the Big Rock which we discovered on the second walk. The large, German motorhome is still in the same location so they must be enjoying the view.

I set out and returned with the correct number of dogs however they came and went during the course of the walk. Starting and ending with the same number is good so long as they don’t get into mischief if they slope off.

Isabella was moderately active so chased the ball a moderate amount assisted by her side-kick Sasha. The pair of them are completely mad so compliment each other well. Sasha keeps Isabella guessing and really makes her exercise.

I didn’t rush into Paleochora as it was still rather blowy. In retrospect, I would have done better to go around ten when the wind suddenly dropped. I went over Panorama, missing out the mountain, and then shopped at Petrakis. It was unexpectedly quiet for a Saturday morning so I was in and out and on my way to the camping with the wind behind me.

I unpacked my shopping, fed the creatures and drank another cup of tea before preparing the DDs. I’d bought carrots for the DDs however they don’t seem to have chopped themselves up and put themselves into the Pot.

I fell asleep until woken by barking dogs. It was warm and very sunny making sleeping a very practical activity. I had things to do just didn’t seem to be able to concentrate. However, I learned something very useful about making interesting graphs with the software which is included with my PV monitoring software. I did lots of other useful things but none spring to mind right now.

I played a little more with my ESIKA but still have not found the instructions following a search of the nightmare in the storeroom. I must steel myself to dragging it all out and sorting through it all (!!).

I can now, consistently setup stored messages to work as expected and continuously but will not be able to master the finer aspects of the device without the distructions.

Rowdy people were in the camping and there were a number of voices I recognised including Georgia. I suspect it was some kind of staff meeting. I kept well away.

I left myself too late so have been rushing around processing the DDs, cooking beetroot and other items for my supper. All of this could have been completed in an orderly fashion should I have been more organised and less immersed in trivia!

The warm mornings are becoming a thing of the past. Autumn is definitely upon us as will be November and the clock change in just over a week.


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