Large Furry Visitor

Fido was left outside at bedtime as he discovered the bone recently abandoned by Isabella. He didn’t respond when all but Obi were within so I left him outside to get on with it and face the consequences. It wasn’t cold. Just after midnight, he decided to come in at the same time as Sasha and Isabella decided to go out. Fine by me I thought so let’s go for it! I suspect it coincided with the arrival of Iera who was to be found at 05:25 by the field gate. The elephants romped and fidgeted around a little so the remainder of the night was not uninterrupted.

Iera greeted us as we set off across the field. It was warm and still with few mosquitoes to bother us. The sky was clear, what very little moon remained eventually put in its last performance for this cycle. There were no vehicles in the car park and only the large German bus on the road. The first walk was uneventful.

I came straight out with the three girls. Iera had come back at halftime for a drink but was happy to set off soon after. We had the ball but little energy on Isabella’s part; better than messing with the bone… The second walk was equally uneventful but pleasant as the sun dutifully rose at 07:38 as predicted. All three female dogs as well as Luis and Oskar, we picked up on the way out, returned to the camping so were redistributed. I left Iera with Isabella and Sasha as I think she fancies a sleepover and a little company seeing as she’s been outside the gate twice in a row and might just be a little hungry.

I rode up the mountain where I was accosted by an English couple asking for the road to Chania. I said the road they were on would eventually lead there but via the prettiest rather than the more direct route. Even the ‘direct route’ is only by name and not by deed. They finally admitted to wishing to go to Elafonissi, an even more difficult road. I bade them turn around and take the first significant road on the left.

I stopped at Petrakis and bought food for the dogs and for me. The delivery guy, not the usual chap, was a bundle of laughs. The other guy said he’d always put the food into the storeroom and not bother me when he delivered. This guy simply took the bags off the pickup for me to deal with and scarpered.

My posse of little visitors arrived soon after my return from Paleochora. They petted and amused the dogs but were then collected by various family members. They speak German but are from Switzerland. I spoke to the mother who says they’ve been bothering her about having a dog of their own for over a year. I suggested she might find a low-maintenance animal but should consider the commitment.

Maria rang a couple of times for electricity prices for customers. One I made up as they didn’t have a meter and the other was too little really to bother with so I suggested 1.5€. In fact, during the course of the day, Maria has called or messaged a number of times. Finally, I received a call from reception but I knew Maria was on the beach so I showed the guy around and told him to find Maria after six when she would be back on ‘duty’. Just some German guy who wants to park and sleep in his car but use the bathrooms for one night. Nice chap who organises some big biathlon in Ruhpolding. He was sporting one of the official t-shirts.

I’ve kept busy most of the day doing little jobs and enjoying the sunshine and warmth. The inside of the van was almost inaccessible due to the number of dogs including one, large German Shepherd.

Sunny and warm with a high over 30ºC. The next few days should be warm with the weather running out at the end of the week in time for Maria’s likely departure.

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