Obi Immortalised

Iera thought it a good idea to bark at or with Georgia’s dogs in the early hours of the morning. I woke up to hear a tirade of barking and tried to work out which dog was barking. Despite my polite request for her to stop, I had to get out of bed and go onto the decking to make my message plainer. She soon hurried back onto the decking to remain silent for the rest of the night.

Even so, we were up before the alarm and out on a very dark but not cold morning with plenty of stars and the lightest of air. The moon is now getting up only just before sunrise so is invisible for the time being. There were some boats out fishing so lights glimmering in the distance. By the time we were going back into the field having completed the first walk, we seemed to have mislaid both Luis and Obi.

I came out with the three girls having put the remaining boys back into the van. We walked back over the rocks as things lightened up. Peering over into the sandy area I could see that Isabella and Sasha had found Ursula and Heidi. I stood on the rocks whilst Ms Fluffy ran over to greet me. Her greeting was not as effusive as when she first arrived in Paleochora after all, it’s only been a few days.

We walked slowly back to the car park where Ursula and Heidi rejoined their car and I took the three girls plus Obi and Luis back to the camping. I then set off for Paleochora on my bike after remembering to do a quick charge on the rear battery.

No lost tourists accosted me as I climbed to the mountain top and I was just in front of Anatoli when I spotted Tasos just about to leave on his motorbike. We chatted a few minutes then he went off to fetch me 10kg sea salt for Ursula to take back to UK amongst her other contraband. I’m not sure of the import quota for sea salt and how much duty will be payable. Having the correct paperwork for each border crossing will doubtless cause huge delays. It’s good to be out of the EU!

It was nearly eleven by the time I returned. The dogs were inside except for the girls who can generally be trusted to keep quiet. I released and fed them then sat down for a little rest before embarking on the DDs. It was only then that I made some tea.

There was a gap in the day as the sunshine forced my eyelids to close. I managed more useful activities later on then processed the DDs and made up some food for myself.

There was an arrival. Maria was sunning herself on the beach so I showed them the camping and installed them next to the bar leaving Maria to deal with the paperwork at a later moment.

Only two small children arrived of whom, Emil was brandishing a very anatomically accurate picture of Obi who is his favourite. Emil has fairly long, blond hair so I made the assumption my visitors were all girls until his mother referred to him as ’he’. Oops. The picture is very good so he was suitably thanked and praised.

Ursula is beside herself with joy now that Jacob Rees-Mogg has resigned from the Cabinet. JR-M has always been Ursula’s darling!

The day has been sunny and warm with plenty of activity on the beach. Children building sandcastles and so on.

Not as warm as yesterday but a spectacularly lovely day for the end of October.
Obi by Emil from Switzerland


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