It was a bit of an up-and-down sort of night for one reason or another. I plan to move the loo when I lurch into winter mode so can see that it needs to be in a more sheltered position. Then there was the arrival of my neighbour on his motorbike at 01:50 which caused a slight disturbance in the Force from Iera who was performing some reclining woofing. I asked her nicely to stop woofing. I used the moment to bring in the DDs which were left outside to cool down before going in the fridge. The alarm was the next interruption .

We made it out of the gate around 05:30 and onto The Promontory. I was miles away and then found myself at Plakaki handing out biscuits to the assembled mass. We were missing Luis and Oskar initially however Oskar eventually appeared.

We walked back to the Promontory passing the German van, the only vehicle until the arrival of Ursula and Heidi. We were on our way back towards the car park when the latter arrived so we turned about and went back again to the end. By this time it was nearly light.

We left Heidi and Ursula in the car park and I took the others bar Obi and Oskar back to the camping. I then went in search of Obi to find the Swiss family on the beach minus Obi. However, he was soon to appear to the delight of the children. Obi and the children went off to explore the camping until Emil returned to say he was concerned that Obi might stray into the road. I followed Emil to discover Obi and Emil’s siblings together with a French couple with two small girls. The family plan to get the ferry to Sougia and asked for information so I referred them to the agent’s office near the jetty. Children, dog and I left and Obi and I returned to the others to find the missing Oskar waiting patiently outside the gate. I settled them and rode into Paleochora for some food and more bread as I ate it all last night.

En route, I found Antonis planting some metal barrier posts next to the cycle way presumably to prevent users from veering off into the sea. Very thoughtful I felt. We had a brief chat and I continued in to buy bread and vegetables mostly.

The morning passed quietly until Kirsti and Jorma arrived and Isabella spotted Kirsti at the gate. There was the expected excitement accompanied by plenty of squeals of delight mostly on the part of Isabella. I’d saved their levelling wood from last year so Jorma set about installing the van whilst Kirsti and I collected the gas bottle unused since their previous visit. They were quite tired after the ferry journey as there’s no camping on board between Piraeus and Souda. Kirsti tells me Siiri is refusing medication so she plans to see how things progress. I feel she’ll act quickly if life becomes difficult for Siiri as she’s a good age. I understand they plan to stay for the winter. I put my chair in the sunshine and then went to the sea for a swim.

A small, black dog belonging to some Greeks on the remaining row of loungers in from of ABB, decided to accompany my swimming. He continued to swim round me is circles as I swam out quite a long way and back again but promptly left once he’d shaken himself off. A dog that seriously likes swimming!

I chatted with the German couple I welcomed yesterday so I think they might come back later in the season depending on how well the wife’s medical appointment goes at the end of November.

I fell asleep in the sunshine on the decking then set about preparing food for the dogs any myself. We appear to be mostly inside at present as there are fewer mosquitoes and it’s a little chilly outside.

Maria says that, unless she is called to teach beforehand, she will leave the camping Saturday week…

Cooler than yesterday but hardly a breath of wind and plenty of sunshine. The sea was very pleasant.


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