New Glasses!

The night was from beginning to end without interruption. The morning was warm, dark and windless as we strode towards the Promontory end. To prevent Obi from disappearing, I called him to me a few times during the walk so that we might all end up at the same place at the same time. Ursula and Heidi arrived before daylight so we wandered together to the end of the Promontory and back. Iera was still with us as I’d forgotten to contact her keeper the day before. We left the car park, I put the dogs inside then went to the entrance of the camping with the 10kg of salt I bought from Tassos on Monday. Ursula is planning to leave Tony behind if there’s not enough room for all the salt/oil/beans/etc she plans to transport back for family and friends.

I went off up the mountain having put in a wash for Kirsti. My trip included a quick visit to the four PAWS puppies down by the port.

One of the four boys

I dropped in at Petrakis for some vegetables and then rode back to the camping. I knew Kirsti’s washing would soon be done and Michael Winkler would be arriving too. They are here for the olive harvest which he says will begin on Tuesday.

Waiting at the gate was the Swiss family ready to leave. Maria had called me but I was almost there anyway. The children came in to say goodbye to the dogs and I said I’d search Emil’s pockets to make sure he wasn’t smuggling Obi out with him. They seem pretty happy with their visit.

I fed the dogs and dealt with Kirsti’s washing then sat down in the sun for a few minutes before a telephone call from the courier about my glasses from Italy. He was parked outside Vakakis so expected me to ride in there to meet him. We eventually found each other and I set off back to Grammeno for the second time today.

I went to welcome the Winklers who will be staying only until Tuesday. We had a chat about their latest exploits and Michael told me he’d not long completed a 190km canoe trip. He makes me feel a bit of a lightweight but then he is two years and ten days younger than me!

I unwrapped my glasses, read the information leaflet which was in very small type then fell asleep. The glasses are very light and also very clear after my other ones. They are photochromic so darken with sunlight. A fantastic gift from Francesco and family.

What a dude! Italian glasses…

I seemed to have spent quite a bit of time asleep so it was action stations to prepare doggy rice and make up something for myself. Tonight’s masterpiece consists of big, brown beans, fassolakia and potatoes. Simple and nutritious, accompanied by the inevitable salad.

Maria tells me Georgia is in Athens on her yearly course for a few days. So far, she has heard nothing about any teaching work. She was exercising as I left the camping this morning and was walking up and down. It’s difficult for her to escape when customers wantto check out. I have them better trained!

My neighbour with the dog arrived with a car to load up his stuff. I understand he’ll be leaving at the end of the month but suspect he may have already left.

Iera is no longer with us as I finally managed to remember to call her master who collected her whilst I was at Paleochora for the second time. He tells me that she’s unwell and not eating much. I didn’t want to mention that her appetite seemed to be just fine.

Warmer than yesterday with plenty of sunshine and no appreciable wind.


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