Wind got up during the evening and night so we were greeted to a blustery start to the day although it wasn’t cold and the sky was clear and starry. I noticed the German motorhome has moved to the Promontory end of the beach car park. I should imagine it’s a lot more sheltered than where they were. There was a camper too, with a Greek registration plate. We didn’t see occupants from either.

I was keeping an eye on Obi to ensure he didn’t abscond and end up annoying Georgia’s dogs in the camping. He was a good boy and kept with me most of the way. The others were all present and correct when we returned to the car park after walking to Plakaki.

I came straight out with Sasha and Isabella and it was still not very light. We went back up the west side, over the rocks and to the camping. It was still windy so I made tea and exercised my brain as I didn’t fancy cycling into Paleochora.

I decided it was time to give my Nature’s Head an empty as it was becoming increasingly difficult to turn the handle, a sure sign it needs to be emptied. I emptied a tomato crate which had some composting dog poo and took the broken bottom out of another which I cable tied to the bottom one. I’ve put this next to the vegetable composting bin by the fence but may move it further away should it become a hazard.

I fed all the dogs and then went to see Litsa as her camera was not panning. I took it away and discovered a broken wire inside which I fixed. That didn’t change anything as it’s still not panning. I think it may be time for a new camera as the conditions are far from ideal close to the sea and it’s two-and-a-half-years-old.

The wind settled down a little so I rode in to Paleochora for some groceries. It was a little blustery going in but easy coming back with a following wind. I bought some leeks, potatoes and carrots amongst other things to make up some φακες. Lentils are not the easiest thing to cook in the Instant Pot as they are prone to stick to the bottom of the pot. In smaller quantities, I’d normally cook them inside another container. They’re done now so I’m hopeful they will be yummy.

There are happy campers staying in some of the accommodation mostly for only one night I suspect. Maria is off with Tony and others to attend a memorial service for Dimitris’ mother tomorrow morning. The village is on the far side of Souda airport so it’s a long drive for a ten-minute service of remembrance. Hopefully, there will be some refreshments but I doubt Maria will return before early evening.

It’s been windy on-and-off all day but not as much as yesterday. Otherwise, the day has been reasonably warm and mostly sunny


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