With the clocks going back, there is always some doubt and confusion about the time particularly if you’ve just woken up and are deciding who you are, where you are and so on. Without having to be bothered with time.

The dogs were raring to go at the usual time which was 05:05 in old money now 06:05. I decided to compromise on 05:35 however they only just went for that. Perhaps if it had been cold and raining things might have been different. Nevertheless we were walking past the German Setra motorhome at approximately 06:00. The same VW camper is still in the same location however there is nothing along the road or the top of the beach. Our walk was uneventful and we completed all stages without loss of contestants.

I came straight out with the girls and we saw the sunrise somewhat later than the previous day. People just have to keep playing with the solar system! On our return, I set off for the mountain and the usual route with a stop for bread which I suspect may have been baked yesterday evening.

I returned to eager dogs but it was too early to be letting them out so I amused myself by training my brain and doing some other stuff like emails.

I eventually released and fed them then found some suitable PTZ cameras to replace Litsa’s. I wandered up there to give them the old one and to collect some more pomegranates. I have a collection so need to eat some more.

I did some server updates then started messing around in the van putting back the cupboard door I removed millions of years ago. I cleaned all the shelves and their contentents and generally threw away old stuff. I then had a little purge of the mosquitoes which are unable to resist the power of the vacuum no matter how hard they cling to the surfaces. Together with what was at the bottom of Strong Suck, there should be fewer this evening although I’m certain a new batch is on the way.

Maria was out at the memorial for Dimitris’ mother but was back around four I suspect. Apparently, it went well, as well as any memorial service can. Nothing happened in her absence so my total input was to wander round to lock doors and return keys to the office. There were some accommodation customers who she’d checked-out the previous day.

The doggies are telling me it’s dinner time even though it’s only 17:32. Hopefully, their rice is done and ready for me to hand out.

Windy again but warm with quite a lot of sunshine until midday.


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