Day Off

It didn’t take me long to fall asleep and I was woken by the alarm. We were up at the usual time so soon out of the gate direction Promontory. The morning was moderately warm and not cold but progress was good to Plakaki and back without loss of personnel. Luis remained elusive until he mystically reappeared at the end of the walk as I was putting the boys into the van.

There was a large Shepherd waiting as we returned from the first walk so three ladies went out on the second. I’d noticed that Iera had slowed down and become languid and disinterested in the ball and the other dogs to a certain extent. Today, it was as if she was revitalised as she was her former self. Charging vainly after the ball and barking and playing with the other crazies. They all went in the water, Isabella after the ball which I threw into the sea to get her swimming.

It was fairly windy when we came back to I didn’t take my bike for a ride and decided to have a rest. I had some IT to take care of for Simon as well as a problem with Ursula’s website. I drank tea and put a wash on for Kirsti and found a big bag-full from Michael outside the door. Apparently, Maria had arranged to put it on for him but had forgotten. I later discovered that Maria has been summoned to a remote island not far from Turkey. Maria is consequently in a frenzy as she was planning to leave at the weekend earliest.

My day consisted of two washing machines and a little reorganisation under the awning area. I’ve suggested to Jorma via Kirsti that he build me some sliding doors for the outside area. He has the time, needs something to do and can pick up materials when he drives to the supermarket. I feel certain that Antonis will be delighted not to be asked.

Another mass of corpses proved that Strong Suck has successfully rid me of yet more mosquitoes. They are still a pest so we need some cold weather to kill them off. There were no mosquitoes in Kallithea yesterday evening.

A restful day!

Warmer than yesterday after a windy start. Plenty of sunshine and plenty of warmth in the afternoon.


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