After quite a mild night, with plenty of mosquito activity, we set out on a fairly light morning to enjoy our walks. Iera was energetically walking with the other girls as we headed towards Plakaki where most of the dogs came for biscuits.

As we came out for the second walk, a man was putting bottles in the CBV containers. He is from Northern Germany and has been coming to Greece and to Crete since he was a young man. It transpired he lives near Kiel so experiences weather similar to that in UK. The girls waited patiently as we chatted. Finally, they got their walk which was very pleasant with no wind and plenty of sunshine.

I set off for Paleochora via Panorama and stopped for bread and a visit to Petrakis as there was little food in the fridge. The ride back was equally pleasant in the morning sun.

Michael and Margot Winkler were leaving but having breakfast on the beach when I went down to collect their money so I left them to it. They finally left around midday. This was the time that Maria said she would be leaving but, unsurprisingly, she was nowhere near ready.

I returned to the dogs and some IT jobs for Simon and Inter Sport. I had to interrupt my excitement to take out a wash for Kirsti.

Later, I had a call from Bona about dropping Maya off as they are away for a day or two. I still had Iera and was waiting for her to be picked up but her keeper was at work when I called in the morning. I had the DDs almost ready but it would have been a stretch to make it go to eight dogs.

Maria called to say there was an arrival at reception so I went to greet a Dutch couple who plan to stay for a few days. They are now installed at the beach front. Just as I was showing the couple around, Bona arrived with Maya so I took her with us to scrub off a little of her energy. When I came back, I put Maya in with the others once I’d calmed them down. It’s not as if they don’t know her but any excuse to make a fuss! Soon after, Iera was collected so I was back down from nine to only eight, so the supper didn’t have to go so far.

I fed the dogs but could see there was still plenty of energy about so, having put the boys, bar Obi, into the van, I took the three girls plus Obi for a quick forty-minute exploration of the Promontory. It was a lovely, starry, moonlit night so it wasn’t too much of a problem to be out. They finally managed to expend some energy which included swimming in the lagoon as well as in the sea off Alonaki. I left the girls outside until bedtime as they were wet and sandy still with excessive energy. They continued to dance around on the decking for quite some time until finally there was silence.

I managed to almost stay awake for Hercule to solve another mystery then rounded off the evening with ‘Yes, Minister’. I was asleep when my head hit the pillow. Amazing what a little food and relaxation will do.

Sunny and warm but chilly during the night.


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